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Not Bold Enough? Get BlackBerry Bold

Smart phone maker RIM has announced their latest BlackBerry incarnation, dubbed the BlackBerry Bold. It has a slightly different design from the previous ones – which are fairly common in the mobile phone industry. The release tells us that the Bold’s frame is satin and chrome and the backplate is a leather-like plastic. Hmmm… Too bad we haven’t got a sample to confirm that yet.

The Bold (also known as model number 9000) is claimed to have the best display among the Blackberry line-up. The half-VGA (480×320 resolution) LCD (thats whay they call it) promises vibrant and razor sharp images.

In terms of storage, it comes with 1GB internal memory, expandable through a microSD/SDHC memory card slot, which is accessible from a side door. The usual Blackberry applications can also be found here. For connectivity and messaging, the Bold is all over it with tri-band HSDPA, WiFi, and quad band GSM network support. (more…)

Two Hot Gadgets with WiMax: The Cloudbook MAX and the Nokia N810

CloudBook MaxThe buzz these days is about the new WiMax technology being included in a rash of gadgets.

Why this rash of WiMax goodies? How about WiMAX having download speeds of up to 2-4 Mbps, and a radius of up to 2-3 miles(WiFi’s radius is just a few hundred feet.) It could also be because of the deal announced last wednesday that brings together Sprint, Clearwire, Intel, Google, Comcast, Time Warner and Bright House for WiMax services to millions of people.

One of these WiMax enabled gadgets is the Cloudbook MAX UMPC. This beautiful laptop boasts an 8.9-inch WVGA (1,024 x 600) display and it is running Windows Vista. It has 802.11b/g WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, a 2 Megapixel webcam and a battery good for four hours. It also features an 80GB HD, 2GB of DDR2 RAM, a 1.6GHz VIA C7-M ULV processor with the VX800 digital media IGP chipset, which touts full DirectX 9 support and video acceleration for MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV9, VC1 and DivX video formats. …Of course it also has WiMAX. This currently unpriced UMPC will be available in the latter half of this year in North America.

Next up, the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet – WiMAX Edition. It’s pocket-sized but it still gives you the full Internet without barriers, while on the go. (more…)

14 Hot Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPC’s)

Ultra Mobile Personal Computers (UMPC’s) can be thought of as mini laptops aimed at the more mobile segments of today’s consumer market. If you are a casual computer user, traveling salesman or a student, carrying around a heavy full-sized notebook is probably daunting and unnecessary.

That’s where the UMPC comes in: It’s slim form factor, light weight and low voltage processor make it ideal for those who need a thin and light road warrior.

While not all UMPCs have a long 3+ hour battery life, manufacturers are certainly getting there this year with Intel’s new Atom Processors which promise lower power consumption at the same clock cycles.

Scroll down to see 14 of the hottest UMPC models under 10 inches!

  1. Asus Eee PC 900 (Available):
    ASUS Eee PC 900
    The Eee PC 900 is a larger screen version of the Eee PC 701. It is available in stores as of now. It runs Windows XP Home or Linux and features a 900Mhz Celeron-M Processor, 8.9″ Display at 1024×600, 1GB RAM, 12GB SSD (Solid State Hard-Drive), 802.11g WLAN, 1.3MP Webcam and a 37Watt/hour battery. It weighs 940grams and has dimensions of 225 x 165 x 35 mm.
  2. Medion Akoya (Expected):

    The Medion looks similar in design to the MSI Wind, however little else besides its specifications are known. It features a 1.6Ghz Intel Atom Processor, 8.9″ 1024×600 display, 80GB hard drive, 802.11b/g and option Bluetooth 2.0. It weighs 1.2kilograms and has a built-in webcam.
  3. MSI Wind U100 (Upcoming):

    Not much is known about the MSI Wind, but its rumored to a Windows XP UMPC that will cost between 450 and 1000USD. An official MSI press release indicates a Summer 2008 availability. It’s features are a 1.6Ghz Intel Atom Processor, 1GB RAM, Intel GMA 950 Graphics, an 8″ or 10″ display at 1024×600, 80GB Hard disk, 802.11b/g and a built-in camera. The unit may also come with an optional bluetooth module. It weighs 1.2kilograms and has dimensions of 260 x 180 x 31 mm.
  4. Everex Cloudbook Max (Upcoming):

    The Cloudbook Max is a Windows Vista UMPC that was announced at CTIA in April 2008 and will be part of the Sprint Xohm product range in the US. The Cloudbook will utilise the latest VX800 integrated chipset that supports DirectX 9 graphics and hardware decoding of common video formats. It’s specs are: 1.6Ghz VIA C7-M Processor, VIA Chrome 9 Graphics, 2GB RAM, 8.9″ display at 1024×600, 80GB Harddisk, 802.11b/g, bluetooth and possibly WiMax. The unit may also feature integrated GPS and front as well as rear cameras. The Cloudbook weighs 1kilogram and has dimensions of 240 x 175 x 27 mm.
  5. HP 2133 MiniNote (Available):
    HP Mini-Note 2133
    The HP Mininote comes with Windows Vista Business or Linux pre-installed. Specs include: A VIA C7-M 1.2Ghz Processor, a VIA Chrome 9 Graphics Chipset, an 8.9″ display at 1280×768, 2GB of RAM, a 120GB Hard Drive, 56Watt/hour Battery and a built-in webcam. The device weighs 1.2kilograms and has dimensions of 256 x 165 x 33 mm.
  6. (more…)

So How Does the Nokia N96 Compare to Other Smart Phones?

If you haven’t seen it already, the Nokia N96 is the successor to the market dominating Nokia N95. This smart phone comes with GPS, Bluetooth, a full browser supporting all major video and audio formats, a 5 Megapixel camera, 16GB of internal memory, an additional micro-SD slot and a 2.8″ LCD display sporting a 3rd edition S60 User Interface.

At 125 grams, this little gadget has more than meets the eye. (more…)

Philips New e2e Touchscreen Xenium 800

Looks like we have another contender ready to enter the touchscreen mobile market.

Not much is known about the Philips Xenium 800, save that it touts a WQVGA e2e (edge to edge) screen.

Early images seem to indicate wifi connectivity and other high level functions.

The Xenium brand has long been known for its exceptional battery life, many of the phones lasting for over a month in standby mode.

Let’s hope they are able to replicate that kind of battery life in the Xenium 800. (more…)

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Vertu’s $310,000 Way to Celebrate it’s Birthday

Vertu Rococo Collection

Is there any better way to celebrate a memorable 10th birthday than trying to cash in on some money? Well, at least Vertu is confident enough to release another luxury mobile collection called Vertu Rococo Constellation Collection, named after the 18th century French movement for art, design, and fashion.

The characteristics of a Vertu are still very much present here, but now featuring intricate floral patterns that scream “fashion” and “art” at the same time. You can choose from noir, scarlet, ivory colors as well as an exclusive “Sapphire Edition”.

Obviously more expensive, the Sapphire Edition features a cabochon sapphire center button and cabochon sapphire screws, complemented with engraved Rococo patterns onto the bezel. The Vertu Constellation Rococo Collection will be available this summer. (more…)

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Three Mobile Concepts for the Future

Wonder what will the future mobile phones be like? Nokia’s advanced design team shared their research project, named “Homegrown” at Nokia’s London design studio.

The project’s main objective is to encourage people to make more sustainable choices. This is not the first project showcased by Nokia.

The same team here also created the Remade concept, which was shown at Mobile World Congress.

The three concepts revealed are: (more…)

15 of the Hottest Touchscreen Phones

Touchscreen phones are the new “in” device when it comes to mobile phones and it seems that 2008 will be the year when the mobile phone manufacturers really ramp up the releases of these devices to meet consumer demand for smarter, more advanced touchscreen phones.

Here are 15 of the hottest touch screen phones for this year.

  1. HTC Touch Diamond:

    The HTC Touch Diamond is the successor to the Touch Cruise. It will run Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, with a Qualcomm 528MHz MSM 7201A processor and 256MB ROM/192MB of RAM.

    It has a 2.8″ VGA screen, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR, eGPS (), a 3.1 Megapixel camera with flash and a forward facing camera. It has a Samsung MoviNAND for 4GB of internal flash storage.

    The Touch Diamond also has an orientation sensor that automatically switches the phone output according to the orientation of the phone. The dimensions of the phone are 51 x 99 x 10.7mm.

  2. Apple iPhone Second Gen:

    Not a lot of confirmed information out there about the new iPhone.

    There is plenty of unconfirmed information though:

    It will be similar in size to the current iPhone.

    It will also include 3G, GPS, a glossy black casing, chrome volume buttons and more rounded edges due to less metal used in the case.

    These have not been confirmed by Apple yet, but I am pretty sure they will be with time.

  3. LG Secret:

    It sports a 5 megapixel camera and is only 11.8mm thick, making it the slimmest phone with a 5 megapixel camera currently on the market.

    It is made from carbon fiber and the LCD screen is protected by tempered glass. The touch screen buttons respond to commands with a luminous blue light. The camera is capable of capturing video at 120FPS and DivX certified recording. It comes pre-loaded with Google Package that enables the user to check their Gmail, use Google Maps and watch YouTube videos. It can also open Microsoft documents and it will have 100MB of onboard memory which can be expanded with a microSD card. The screen auto-rotates like the iPhone. It has Voice Clarity software that ensures that sound is always clear no matter what the surroundings are. It measures 102.8 x 50.8 x 11.8 mm.

  4. LG Prada II:

    It features 3G with 7.2Mbps HSDPA connectivity, a QWERTY keyboard, a 3″ WQVGA 400×240 px TFT touchscreen and a 5 megapixel camera.

    It also has a front facing camera for video calls, Wi-Fi b/g connectivity, USB 2.0, Bluetooth, Full HTML browsing, FM-Radio, TV-out and a microSDHC memory slot (up to 8GB).

    The Prada fashion designers will be closely involved in making the custom themes, touch UI, built-in ringtones and cellphone accessories for the Prada II.

    This phone truly is fully loaded.

  5. Samsung Instinct:

    This 3G Samsung is the first Sprint device to have EV-DO Rev support. It features a 2 Megapixel camera, stereo bluetooth, audible caller ID, voice dialing commands and a full HTML web browser.

    It also has a media player that displays album art, Sprint Radio and Sprint TV support, integrated Microsoft Live Search and GPS.

    It supports personal and corporate email access, visual voicemail and has a 262K color 3.1 inch screen with 2GB of memory.

    It measures in at 116 x 55.1 x 12.4 mm and weighs 124.7 grams. (more…)

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Pictures of the Next Generation iPhone in Use. Already?

The buzz going around for the next gen Apple iPhone seems to be just as big as it was for the first iPhone. It turns out that a French blog by the name of has attained some photos of the actual next generation iPhone already in use.

So that means that, although this phone has not been released yet, there are some lucky individuals who already have their hands on the next hot product from Apple. The second generation iPhone is believed to include a new all black finish with 3G, GPS and other added features.

Click More… to see the pics. (more…)

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The enV 2 is in Stores as of Today

Roll up those sleeves and stretch out your thumbs, the new & improved LG enV 2 is available at your local Verizon Wireless store as of today, April 30th.

Along with its slimmer figure and lighter weight (its definitely had some work done), the enV 2 features a larger 2.4-inch display, and “slightly” bigger keys.

In addition to its sleeker silhouette, it’s now available in black and maroon. It maintains its 2 Megapixel camera, a camcorder, GPS, a microSD slot and a full QWERTY keyboard. (more…)

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