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This SimpleTech Eco-Friendly External Hard Drive is Made With Bamboo

I wonder what qualifies a product as an eco-friendly, however nowadays if it’s energy-efficient and resource-conscious, then it will be considered a friend to Mother Earth.

Made from 100% recyclable and sustainable materials, the SimpleTech [re]drive is claimed to make the world a little greener while storing and protecting your data. The design uses bamboo for styling, abundant in many areas on this planet, while the casing is made of aluminum which is one of the most recyclable metals of all. The clever design allows the aluminum to act as a heatsink, thus not requiring the use of a fan to cool things down. The combination is claimed to reduce the amount of carbon monoxide released by the PC. (more…)

15 Incredible Do-It-Yourself Gadgets You Wish You Made

For those of you who are DIY fans out there, we’ve got a special treat for you this week! Ordered from least to most difficult projects to undertake, this list of hot DIY gadgets is going to blow your mind! The most notable is the Vertipod DIY One-Man Hoverflyer and most resourceful is the Laser Listening device. The coolest and most retro one is the Plasma Arc Speakers that have been around since the 80s.

Check them all out below!

  1. DIY Laser Home Defence System
    Ever wanted to secure your home the way the spooks at the CIA and other high-security agencies do? Well a do-it-yourself laser alarm system is actually pretty cheap and straight forward. All you need are some mirrors, a laser and a light detector (with adjustable gain).

  2. DIY Spy Laser Listening Device
    Ever played the game Splinter Cell where you had to use a laser microphone to eavesdrop on the Chinese embassy? Well now you can build your own, albeit less portable and effective version. It is a simple contraption using a photodetector wired up to a microphone jack. You bounce a laser beam off a glass window and position the photodetector to receive the reflected ray. Plug the microphone jack into a laptop and record. Some DIYers have noted that the device is extremely difficult to angle and the gain on the photocell is fairly weak.

  3. The DIY Spy Night Vision Headset
    This DIY active night vision headset uses a monocle from an old video recorder. All video monocles contain a CMOS that is sensitive to the infrared spectrum. Illuminating the area with infrared light thus allows you see through the video monocle whilst still being in pitch black darkness.

  4. Lego Rubik Cube Solving Robot
    This innovative Lego Mindstorms Robot is able to first scan a rubik cube then solve it using a rotating base and arm to flip the cube. Click the link to watch the video.

  5. Lego iPhone Controlled Rover
    If you have two iPhones and a Lego Mindstorms kit, you could construct a nifty iPhone Rover to explore the nether regions of your home. iPhone one is placed in the rover and has a special software that displays colors to tell the rover where to go. The second iPhone, that’s in your palm sends the color data at your command to the first wirelessly.

  6. (more…)

A HoverVac! Just Like in The Jetsons

This special next-generation vacuum cleaner is bag-less, wheel-less and weight-less thanks to its hovercraft inspired air-skirt/cushion. It looks like something out of the Jetsons when it is being used.

The device uses the tremendous downdraft created by the suction motor to push air into an underskirt, causing the entire vacuum cleaner to hover weightlessly above your floor. (more…)

The Samsung 950 Boasts an Out Of This World Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratios for LCD TVs is definitely improving very fast. Forget 100,000:1 contrast ratio. Let’s just skip to 1,000,000:1 as proven by Samsung with the new 950 display line, which is an update to the previous year’s 81 series.

It combines LED backlighting and 120Hz panel to provide better performance displaying scenes with fast movements such as sports or action movies. The 950 also sports 1080p support, UBS ports to play digital content from various USB devices, Internet connectivity using DLNA and WiseLink Pro and four HDMI ports. (more…)

Sony’s GIGA JUKE is the Master of Your Home Entertainment

GIGA JUKE is the latest attempt from Sony to bring an advanced hi-fi music system into your living room. Even iPod lovers can benefit from its built-in dock and radio tuner. You can also copy music from CDs to its hard drive pretty fast (a 60-minute CD in less than 4 minutes), and quickly transfer the songs to other MP3 or media players. Sony claims it only takes 90 seconds to copy 74-minutes worth of music from GIGA JUKE’s hard drive to a media player.

The entry-level NAS-E35HD system can do all that at an affordable price-point. For more demanding users, the NAS-SC55PKE serves as a complete multi-room system comprised of a music server and wireless player unit, wirelessly delivering music to up to five zones. In other words, if you have only one or two rooms, stick with the NAS-E35HD. (more…)

The Keychain Flash Light That NEVER Needs Batteries

These tiny thumb size wind-up key chain flashlights are very useful, ecologically friendly, and just plain cute!  People these days are using LEDs to do almost everything from decorating Christmas trees to spelling out words in a kids game.  They’re powerful and extremely energy efficient.  So efficient in fact that it makes sense to use a dynamo to run a flashlight.  That’s exactly what Brando did.  The flashlight, which comes in three colors, measures 4 inches at it’s longest edge.

So whether this flashlight is with you camping when the call of nature sounds or on your keyring in case the porch light goes out, any way you want to use it, it’ll never need batteries. (more…)

Mitsubishi’s Ultra Bright HD Projector Includes A Theft Deterrent

Not everyone may like  bright sunlight, but one thing is for sure, gadget geeks always like bright displays. Mitsubishi seems to understand that fact too well, and they have introduced the FL7000U, their first ultra bright 1080p HD projector for commercial, home theater and educational installations during infoComm08 in Las Vegas.

How bright is it? The HD projector can blast 5000 lumens with a 1000:1 contrast ratio, and uses three 1.1-inch 3LCD inorganic panels. The specifications make it ideal to be used in larger home theaters or commercial venues such as sports bars, restaurants or hotel conference rooms, school auditoriums and corporate boardrooms that require full high definition(1920 x 1080 pixels) for HD video. (more…)

The Gorilla: Sanyo’s New GPS System

\Gorilla is the name of the new GPS system from Sanyo. It has a 5.8″ touchscreen, a digital TV tuner, and an ECO driving mode similar to Digitalcube’s U7 GPS.

The name of the device is actually the NV-SD585DT. Thank heavens it has a nick name!

This GPS makes the most of the Gorilla engine as it provides a prime wide-aspect display with plenty of options for side by side viewing. There’s 3D mapping which mean when you hit an intersection you see it from the view of the driver and you’ll see the more notable buildings. Searching can be done by address and phone number. (more…)

This Brando USB Speaker Has Mood Lighting

Can’t decide whether to buy speakers or mood lighting for your room? Luckily for us, Brando has a brilliant idea of mixing the two entirely different things into one gadget, the USB Light Tube Speakers.

The blue electric glow kinda reminds me of cheap Star-Wars wannabe flicks that nobody even remembers the titles of. Although it’s drawing juice from USB, it doesn’t mean that you have connect it to the computer. The Light Tube can also be connected to MP3 and CD players, pumping out stereo sound in no time. (more…)

Asus’ New Monitor is More Than Just a Regular Display

It seems the letter “E” has the secret ambition to conquer the gadget world and your home. Not content with the EEE box, the EEE Stick, the EEE TV or the popular EEE PC, Asus has now added the EEE Monitor. Surely that’s what has been missing in our home that doesn’t carry the brand EEE.

Anyway, it appears that it’s not just a simple monitor but rather an all-in-one PC like the iMac. The screen size is around 19-21 inches, with a color choice of white or black. (more…)