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The Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop is Perfect for Your Dorm Room


Now that the school year has started, here’s a gadget for your dorm’s kitchen: the Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop. Compared to traditional cooktops, induction cookers are more energy-efficient and they heat at a faster rate. If you have ever used an electric stovetop, I am sure you know how hot it gets. It can even easily burn your skin upon contact. The genius of induction cookers is that it does not warm the air around it resulting in less possibility of injuries and energy efficiency. It uses magnetic induction to only heat up your pots or pans, yet it won’t burn anything else such as clothing or drapes that get too close. (more…)

High-Tech Meets High Fashion: 13 Gadgets By Brand Name Designers

Fashion and Technology both commonly focus on innovation. Luckily for us consumers, these two worlds have been on constant dialogue these days – giving us innovative products but with design aesthetics. In what is called a blend of the ‘commercial and fantastical’, collaboration between top electronic firms and high fashion connoisseurs have proven to be an upside in both industry. We will be looking at 13 of the sought-after fashion-electronic-gadget collaborations currently available in the market.

1.  USB Sunglasses by Calvin Klein

Want to look chic while keeping your personal data safe and sound? These new sunglasses from Calvin Klein have a USB drive hidden in the arm, letting you store info and protect your eyes from UV rays at the same time.

Calvin Klein are justifying the price of these cool shades by upping it with a feature that you would otherwise find hard to even think of. A USB drive lodges in one of the arms of the frame of these cool glares. Adding to the spice are the cool lenses that can safely keep your eyes out of harms way and assure that you have 4GB of memory with you whenever the sun shines bright. There’s nothing as cool as taking your glares off and connecting them to your computer to download your songs. With 4GB storage capacity, this eyewear, which is priced at $199, is definitely a sure treat. (more…)

This iPhone-Connected Scale Graphs and Tracks Your Progress

scaleI, for one, think that weighing scales need a redesign. The idea of checking your weight may be a hard task to handle for some, while for others with privileged genes, it’s a guilty pleasure. Still, for those of us not blessed with 20/20 vision, it is an arduous job to stand and squint so hard just to see the numbers on the scale by your feet.

Here’s one that could even charm the geek who sits all day programming and eating chips and drinking energy drinks: a weighing scale connected to your iPhone which stores, graphs, and tracks your weight and progress. (more…)

James May of Top Gear and his Full Size, Fully Functional, Lego House

Debatable as it may be, one can make his or her own house the ultimate gadget. In this ultra-geeky and fantastic show of awesomeness, overall geekiness, and utmost grandeur, James May is planning to erect a full working house made entirely out of Lego Bricks.

You might be thinking that you singlehandedly did that when you were just a bit older than a toddler. Let me tell you that this James May bloke, presenter of the show Top Gear, has much more ambition than a small, ratio-ed resplica of a house. He is planning to build it 1:1, life-sized, complete with a staircase and a working toilet, plus indoor plumbing! (more…)

The 10 Coolest and Most Expensive Speaker Systems Money Can Buy

Having the most expensive set of speakers is somewhat of a guy thing. For as long as anyone can remember, how many bills a guy can drop for a set of speakers is almost synonymous as to how fast his car can go or how well “equipped” he is. The digital age may have changed the world of vinyl and CDs forever, but speakers are still making a killing off the indulgence of the male ego. All guys want some speaker system that will blow their socks, pants, or toupees off.

We’ve compiled ten of the most expensive and craziest speaker systems to date. The price tags on these speakers will make you think if you’re really the biggest spender on the lot. A word of advice, you might want to sell your Ferrari or refinance your house if you’re really serious about buying one of these boom boxes. A special mention must be made to for scouring the world to seek the best and most expensive speakers.

  1. Grand Enigma by Kharma


    This one of a kind speaker set hails from the Netherlands. Founded in 1982, Charles van Oosterum clearly makes his mark with this beauty. The name is pretty apt since no one truly knows exactly what the specifications are. On the other hand, everyone does agree that spending an even million dollars for a speaker set sends a message that you are either one hardcore audiophile or just someone who can buy his own island.

    Source: [Gizmodo]

  2. ULTIMATE by Transmission Audio


    Yes, ULTIMATE is spelled with an all-caps syntax, at least that’s how Transmission Audio spells it. The manufacturer describes this as the epitome speaker equivalent of a Ferrari, Mazerati, and Kenigsegg all-in-one chassis. For two million dollars, it better be! The built-to-order system is made of 4 separate dipole subwoofers, each containing ten 15-inch subwoofers, one dipole panel per channel with twenty-four 8 inch units, followed by two full MF ribbon dipoles per channel plus one HF panel for each channel with a grand total of 68 meters of true ribbons.

    Conclusion: 31,000 watts of I-will-blow-your-house-down-if-your-eyes-don’t-fall-off-first.

    Source: [Transmission Audio]

  3. Infinite Wisdom Grande Loudspeaker by Wisdom Audio


    If wisdom could be bought through speakers, then the Infinite Wisdom Grande loudspeaker is well worth the money. Not a bad deal at all for shelling out $700,000 in exchange for infinite wisdom. This speaker set is Wisdom Audio’s pride and joy. The system towers at 23 feet tall and almost weighs two tons. This third most expensive system is also the bigger brother of the Infinite Wisdom, another speaker system care of Wisdom Audio that bleeps on the HottestGadgets radar as well.

    Source: [Wisdom Audio] (more…)

Real Night Vision Goggles Bundled with Modern Warfare 2!

What else would you need when purchasing the most anticipated video game of the year? Easy, a fully functional set of night-vision goggles of course! By plopping down $149.99 dollars ( $90 more than just buying the game ) for the ‘prestige edition’ of Modern Warfare 2 you too can wear these infinity ward branded Night Vision Goggles.   (more…)

10 Gadgets To Make Your Life A Little Easier

Have you ever looked at an aspect of your life and thought that it could be made so much easier with a gadget of some sort? I would venture a guess that most of us have done so at one point in our lives. How about luggage that rolls itself when your traveling? How about an iPhone 3G S with an app for nearly everything you can think of. I am sure some of the 10 gadgets listed here might just help you make your life a little easier too.

  1. iPhone 3GS (and all the Apps)intro-iphone-camera-200906081
    The iPhone 3GS is the ultimate gadget to make your life easier. Along with the versatility of the phone itself, there is a vast amount of applications that can easily be downloaded and installed on the phone. Ranging from applications to manage your spending to allowing you to keep track of your daily tasks, there are new applications being released every day on the Apple App store. Want a chance to win an iPhone 3gs? Check out this post for details!
  2. Self Propelled Suitcaseselfpropelledsuitcase1
    For the traveler, a self propelled suitcase can be a life saver. It is designed to give you a little help when you need a little boost when you are rolling along, towing it behind you. While it’s not going to power up and start moving on its own, it will certainly give your back a break when the wheels kick in and start moving. The assistance kicks in when the suitcase is in motion, the handle is pulled out, and it is tilted. Although most people will not have an issue with packing enough weight into the suitcase, it requires at least 15 lbs for it to operate and holds up to 70.5lbs.
  3. USB Vacuumusbj-0067
    If you are like me, you like to eat at your desk. And that means sometimes the chips or cookies that you eat over your desk can get crumbs all over the place. When that happens, you can just plug the handy dandy USB Vacuum into one of your available USB ports and clean up after yourself on the fly.
  4. Kwikset SmartScan Keyless Locks
    Ever wanted to reduce the amount of keys you have to keep track of? The Kwikset SmartScan eliminates another key on your ring. This gadget scans the subdermal, and is a lot more accurate than simply scanning your finger print. Upon a successful scan, the deadbolt slides open. The scanner gives you full and complete control over who can enter your home, rather than trying to figure out who you gave your spare key to. Any device that takes a key off of my key chain definitely makes my life easier.
  5. Husqvarna Panthera Leo Concept mowerhusqvarna-panthera-620x431
    With everything today focusing on becoming more environmentally friendly, it is logical that lawn mowers would inevitably face changes as well. Husqvarna is betting on this with their new concept. The Panthera Leo begins its life from recycled materials and five electric motors drives the machine. Not only will it reduce your carbon footprint, but it can also allow you to reduce the amount of noise pollution as well. Your neighbors would thank you profusely. It uses batteries capable of remaining on for up to 2 hours and an LCD screen gives you status updates such as battery life, speed, and other necessary lawn mower functions. While the current iteration is merely a concept, it should be in production within a few years. (more…)

17 Hot Solar Powered Gadgets for A More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

With the advancement of technology, we have become more dependent on using several gadgets in our daily activities and routines. Usage of these gadgets require a lot of energy, which is most likely in the form of electricity, for them to work. The Paris-based International Energy Agency estimates new electronic gadgets will triple their energy consumption by 2030.

To address these growing demands for electric consumption, we will cover seventeen innovative gadgets that are not just useful and practical but have less impact on the environment with their use of sunlight as the main power source.

1.Samsung Blue Earth Eco-Phone

A touchscreen solar-powered phone called “Blue Earth” has been unveiled by Samsung Electronics. Slated to be released in the latter part of this year, this mobile phone is made from a recycled plastic called PCM, which is recycled from plastic water bottles. The phone is designed to symbolize a flat and well rounded shiny pebble. It is the first such phone to the market and charges up via the solar panel on the back of the phone, which is designed to generate enough power to make a call anytime.

Adding to those green credentials, both the handset and its charger are free from harmful substances such as Brominated Flame Retardants, Beryllium and Phthalate. Its phone features like Bluetooth settings, screen brightness, and backlight duration can be adjusted in an energy-saving mode called “Eco mode”. Other eco-friendly phone features include a built-in-pedometer which calculates how much CO2 emissions have been reduced by walking as opposed to taking the car. Detailed specifications and pricing information of this new mobile green advocate are due to be released prior to its market availability in the next few months.

2. Suntrica Solar Strap

Suntrica Solar Strap is a charging solution that gathers solar energy by the high-efficiency and flexible solar panel and store the energy into an internal lightweight battery, with a capacity of storing 3.7 Wh, for instant or later usage. It is a lightweight, flexible and wearable solar panel that can be integrated with any clothing designed for harsh outdoor use. When folded it only measures 144 x 97 x 25 mm and weighs only 60 grams.

It is capable of charging up any gadget that runs on 5V or less, such as your usual MP3 players, mobile phones, game consoles, GPS devices, digital camera and other personal gadgets. This gadget is a high-quality response to the mobile consumer electronics’ charging challenge in developing markets having limited access to electricity. For pricing information you may contact its manufacturer – Suntrica, the leader in flexible and high-efficiency solar charging solutions.

3. Chromasun Solar Powered Hybrid Air Conditioner

Planned to be released in the latter part of this year, the Chromasun air conditioner contains photovoltaic and solar thermal technology that harvest light and heat from the sun. Using a combination of mirrors, receivers and concentrators, the unit is able to offer better efficiency than of traditional solar cells. It uses less silicon than a conventional solar system with the same power rating because it uses Fresnel concentrated lens as part of the thermal system.

The solar air conditioner system generates electricity from the solar cells and it doesn’t require copious volumes of water or huge arrays of solar panels. With its promise that it will change the way you think about rooftop solar, this innovative gadget is out to deliver a good alternative to cool your hot evenings.

4. Fully Automated Solar-powered Lawn Mower Robot

The solar lawn mower robot (RBZG001), designed for commercial and home use, with solar energy and network technology, is a truly innovative product available in the market today. It uses solar power to charge itself while its network technology has a stable and strong force to move, trim the grass and climb the slopes.

The mower features technology such as high intelligence of image identification, telenet video inspection, and automatic function of identifying route, avoiding obstacle, stopping sliding from slope, spraying scrapes while working or collecting scrapes at planned location. No pricing information is available as of the moment, but I’m sure it won’t be so cheap for frugal buyers. (more…)

15 of the Most Spectacular Uses for LEDs

It was in the 1920s when light-emitting diodes were first invented. Today, eighty years later, LEDs come in variable colors, brightness and wavelength – visible, ultraviolet, and infrared. LEDs have a lot of advantages over traditional lighting which include lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, size, and robustness.

In this article, we will cover fifteen LED hacks that are jaw-dropping, eye-catching and overall awesome. I have decided to group the list based on their use, from trivial and entertainment use to medical uses and architectural purposes.

1.  Huge Sky Screen at “The Place” in Beijing, China

The LED Sky Screen at "The Place" in Beijing, China

Imagine strolling down a street, and 25 meters above you is a giant LED screen display… with dragons and marine animals floating! This massive display located at The Place shopping center at the heart of Beijing, China was placed before the Olympics of 2008. Considered as the largest LED screen in Asia, it has dimensions of 250 meters in length and 30 meters in width. The sky screen plays majestic shows like seascapes, a dolphin show, among others. Note that the biggest LED display belongs to the display screen at Fremont St., in Las Vegas which is made of 12.5 million LEDs and has a length of 460 meters.

2. LED Cyclist Jacket

Yes, there are a lot of shirts and pants and other wearable materials out there which make awesome use of LED. Take, for instance, the Iron Man Arc Reactor. But for the usefulness of this next one, I think it should count in my top choices. When she was a Ph.D student at the University of Colorado, Leah Buechley has created an electronic clothing, the signal jacket for cyclists. As you can see from the image above, this is simply ingenious and the usefulness of this goes overboard. The LEDs are powered and programmed by a sewable computer chip which was designed by Leah, herself. For those of you interested in making one, click on the link above for instructions.

3. LED Cubes – Cubatron

LED cubes are a dime too many but they are nonetheless interesting and an awesome use of LEDs for trivial and entertainment purposes. LED cubes can be as small as the basic 4x4x4 (pertains to the number of LEDs) or could be more extravagant like that of the Cubatron UV with a 100x100x100 matrix or a total of 1,000,000 LEDs. Surely, this is an expensive project to make. The Cubatron UV has its roots down to the first Cubatron, which is now proudly in display at the ultra chic W Hotel in Dallas. The Cubatron (8x8x8 feet) used to be the world’s largest 3-dimensional full color light sculpture, a title which now belongs to the Big Round Cubatron (40 feet in diameter, ten feet in height). The latter made its debut at Burning Man in 2006 and has since been shown at different festivals, events and places. Led cube are perfectly characterized with these words, “a word of art at rest, a hypnotic experience once the micro-controller takes charge.” (more…)

21 of The Coolest VoIP and Skype Gadgets

Tired of paying for excessive phone bills? VoIP and Skype have your solution to decrease that monthly bill. Cut the cord and save money on your phone bills using VoIP technology. If you haven’t tried Skype on your computer yet, you definitely should and we have put together some gadgets that will make it much easier to do so.

Here are 21 of the coolest gadgets that have the capability to provide you with excellent VoIP, and Skype service.

1. IPEVO TR-10 Conference Phone


The TR-10 allows a user to Skype with other Skype users, landlines, or mobile phones.  Even better the TR-10 lets you communicate with all three at the same time through, the conferencing capabilities it has.  Have more than one friend? The TR-10 lets you conference up to nine additional people including yourself, hence the name TR-10.

The TR-10 can operate in both headset and speakerphone modes. A simple flip of the switch redirects the sound, and the TR-10 instantly changes into a headset.  Mobility is not a problem with this device, with it’s size being about the same as a spare toothbrush, and toothpaste, only 15cm long.  Communication with others is not all this jewel does, it also has the power to act as a high quality voice recorder for those too busy to take notes.

2. Star Trek VoIP/Skype Phone

Star Trek VOIP

Want to join the Star Trek hype? Then this is definitely the phone for you.  Proving to  be one of coolest designs to be seen in the development of Skype and VoIP phones.  The Star Trek Skype/VoIP phone works through simple USB connection, and is compatible with both Windows XP, Vista, and Mac OS X 10.5.  The Star Trek features speaker phone, volume controls, and mute.  The added special feature is the ability to produce some of your favorite Star Trek sounds and phrases.

With over 21 special sound effects, I am sure it will take awhile to get bored with this one.  Also don’t worry about having to stay directly by the computer when plugged in, the Skype phone features a 6 foot USB connection cable which can give you a little freedom to roam.  This is definitely a keeper for all the Star Trek fans out there.

3. iRiver’s Wave Home

iRiver Wave Home

Looking for something that can do a little more than just the usual VoIP or voice recording? iRiver’s Wave Home not only does VoIP, but it also many other multimedia functions.  It contains a 7″ LCD screen, and a wireless headset that not only does the duties of an average headset, but can be used as remote to control the Wave Home Station.   The gadget comes packed with a 1.3 megapixel camera, this will come in handy when you want to participate in a video chat.  The list of impressive features doesn’t stop there.

Want to surf the web? iRiver’s Wave Home has it covered, along with taking pictures, playing music, and providing a host of useful widgets.  Interested in the weather? Your covered. Traffic, news? Your covered.  The list can only continue to grow with the capabilities of this multimedia masterpiece, iRiver continues to impress those looking for multimedia units for VoIP communication.  The estimated price is rumored to be around $400 and should come out sometime this year.  Sadly this gadget only does VoIP but they are looking to offer a service like Skype.

4. Verizon Hub

Verizon VOIP Hub

The Verizon Hub is the first major release of a multimedia unit from the leaders in telecommunication.  The Verizon Hub gives you the ability to use your normal broadband connection to place calls, minus the usual charge.  This gadget gives you unlimited nationwide calling, automatic anonymous call rejection, and scheduled call forwarding.

Of course the Verizon Hub comes packed with multimedia essentials.

  • Messaging
  • Movies
  • VCast
  • Traffic
  • Chaperone (for those with Children, or maybe your spouse.)
  • Calendar

As you can see in the photo, the Verizon Hub features a beautiful high resolution screen, to make using it a little easier on the eyes.  Verizon has set themselves up for a future of profitability, if the Verizon Hub gains popularity. (more…)