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The New Sony ‘PSP Go’ is A Go!


The PSP Go is here! Last week, we saw a leaked video footage released in the internet and it confirmed speculations of gadget lovers all world round. Today, because of a premature showing from Qore video’s June 2009 online magazine, we can finally view PSP Go’s clear publicity shots. (more…)

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Verizon’s MiFi Provides a WiFi Hotspot in Any Spot

Verizon MiFi 

Last week, Verizon released the MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot, which is a hotspot that you can take with you anywhere.  Basically, it picks up Verizon’s 3G Broadband service and distributes it to a WiFi device of your choice, just like a standard modem and router would. (more…)

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The 15 Best Performing Netbooks and Laptops under $450

So you find yourself in the market for a new laptop computer.  Your last one was a complete beast and incredibly heavy to lug around.  Being the savvy business man you are, you decide that this time you want something light and easy to open up just about anywhere to catch up on your email or go over the spread sheet figures from the sales meeting.  Maybe you are a designer looking for a lightweight laptop to take with you so that you can show off your portfolio to potential clients or to wow a current client with your latest designs.

It’s a good thing for you that you stumbled across this list, because we’re about to show you 15 well performing highly portable netbooks and laptops that won’t break your budget.

  1. ASUS Eee PC
    1012895944Need a netbook that you can pound on all day long? Look no further. The Asus Eee PC EPC1000HE will last you up to 9.5 hours, more than sufficient for just about anyone. It boots quickly, running off of an Intel Atom 1.66GHz processor with 1GB DDR2 memory, and you can add another stick of ram for even more speed. The 10” viewable widescreen and integrated Intel graphics allow you to view movies and more. While you’re not going to be playing the latest and greatest games, you can still get your game on with some of your favorite older titles.It comes standard with a 160GB hdd, as well as integrated WiFi, and Bluetooth for connectivity on the go.

    Asus has been in the netbook industry for quite some time, and it really shows. The hinges are solid and will last for a very long time. With a price tag of around $389, this little buddy is rock solid and won’t hurt your budget.

  2. MSI Wind U100
    msiMSI is traditionally known for making motherboards, and they’ve come out swinging with their line up of netbooks. The MSI Wind is powered by Intel’s Atom N270 processor running at 1.60GHz. Combined with 1GB of ram and Intel GMA950 integrated graphics and you have yourself a nice platform for staying productive even while away from the office. The included 3 cell battery only gives this netbook a solid 2 hours of stress usage, but the availability of an optional 6 cell battery really adds value to it.It has a wider keyboard than most of the netbooks out there, and because it is a larger netbook it does drain a little more on the battery than most. It has a 10.0” LCD screen and includes an 160GB hdd. For staying connected, integrated WiFi or Bluetooth is a big bonus. Weighing in at 2.9 lbs, it is a little bit heavier than some of its competition, but the price tag of just over $320 makes this netbook nicer on your wallet when compared to some of the others.
  3. HP Mini 1035NR
    hp-mini-1035nrWith one of the brighter screens on the market, the 1035NR also gains accolades for a well done keyboard. Its 10.2” WSVGA displays a resolution of 1024×600, and the Intel Atom 1.60GHz processor along with 1GB of DDR2 memory provides plenty of power for keeping up with your office productivity. As with several of it’s brethren, it relies on a hard drive instead of solid state. At 60GB and only 4200rmp, it is also has less storage and accesses information slower than a majority of the competition. Boot up time tends to be a little slower than many of the other netbooks out there because of this.It does come with integrated Bluetooth and WiFi allowing you to stay connected that much easier. The lack of a 6 cell battery might be a drawback for some, and requiring an adapter for VGA display certainly places a bit of a damper on what could be a rock solid offering from HP. With a recommended price tag of around $450, it may just be the most pricy netbook around with the least amount of features.
  4. Acer Aspire One AOD150-1165
    acer-aspire_one-aod150-blue-angle-450The Aspire One netbook comes in with a $329 price tag. Standard features include an Intel Atom 1.60GHz processor, 1GB DDR2 ram, integrated graphics and Wifi. Everything you need to stay productive on the go is included. You’re certainly not going to be gaming or doing any serious graphic designing on this netbook, but if you’re planning on purchasing a machine with that in mind, then you’re probably not looking for a netbook anyway.It does not have integrated Bluetooth, which is something of a let down, and like most netbooks, it does not have an integrated optical drive. Getting your digital media onto this unit is a challenge, but the computer savvy person should have no issues with this.
  5. Lenovo Ideapad S10e
    ideapad_s10e_5Always known for their quality products, Lenovo brings this netbook to the table. Integrated Bluetooth, WiFi, a netbook camera, and a 6 cell battery with up to 5 hours of operation are a great start. Add in the Intel Atom 1.60GHz processor, 1GB DDR2 memory and a 10.1” widescreen displaying at 1024×576 resolution makes the whole deal that much sweeter.

    Puzzling though is the 160GB standard HDD in lieu of a solid state drive and sole choice of Windows XP Home. A 3 cell battery places the S10e behind a few of its cousins on this list. Priced at around $350, the quality of the S10e seems to overshadow the included features. (more…)

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Apple’s New iPhone will be Equipped with a Significantly Faster CPU

iPhone in Black

As Apple rushes to release the next version of the iPhone, it is anticipated that they will drastically increase the CPU’s processing power. This was further confirmed by John Gruber, a veteran technology writer.

With the current 3G iPhone embracing a nifty 412 MHz CPU, the next generation model should climb to 600 MHz. That along with some architecture tweaks, shall increase the overall performance capabilities quite significantly. (more…)

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Walmart to Start Selling Apple Computers?


Ben Reitzes, an analyst with Barclays Capital, believes that Walmart is flirting with the idea to begin selling Apple computer products in their store in the future.

Apparently they are looking to fill the gap that now defunct electronics retailer Circuit City left. Walmart is working on revamping and doing a hefty makeover of their electronics section by expanding their HDTV and Blu-ray selections and expanding their smartphone line up. Walmart is also one of the select stores where you can buy the new Palm Pre in June. (more…)

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The Palm Pre Arrives June 6th at Under $200

Palm Pre If you are like some of my co-workers you are dusting off your pop-up tents and sleeping bags ready to wait in line, but where? Sprint has announced that the Palm Pre will be available at Sprint, Best Buy, Radio Shack and select Wal-Mart stores starting June 6th. That’s a good distribution starting point. And at a reasonable $199.99 (after rebate and 2 year service contract).

The Palm Pre will also provide access to exclusive content on the Sprint Now Network which include Sprint Navigation, Sprint TV, and NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile Live. (more…)

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This Coffee Table is Really a Hi Performance PC from Meco

PC disguised as table

Meco has invented an unique, yet innovative way to attractively disguise the original and dull appearance of the personal computer. Hidden within the walls of the “what looks to be” a wooden table is a high performance home theater PC.

The specs include a whopping 8GB of RAM, 4+ Terabytes of hard drive storage, a crisp ATi Radeon HD 4850 graphics card and 7.1 surround sound with both analog and digital outputs. The Meco PC is running on a Vista-based operating system and the computer’s shell (shown as a table above) is available in a vast amount of finishes as well. (more…)

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13 of the Toughest, Most Secure Gadgets You Can Buy

We’re living in a crazy world my friends. Do you think you have what it takes to be tough? Well, at least your gadgets can be.

Not only that, but our possessions have spanned beyond the physical and into the digital.  That’s just one more thing to add to our plate.  To many, applying security to the many facets of our lives is sometimes a tedious chore, and so the average consumer turns a blind eye to their security needs for themselves and their valuable data.

So why not check out these tough and secure gadgets that’ll strengthen your style and won’t bore you to death.

  1. ioSafe Solo External Hard Drive
    ioSafe SoloWhoa.  This is a truly incredible product.  It is a fully fireproof and waterproof version of your typical external hard drive.  They are available at capacities from 500 MB to 1.5 TB.  Another form of security comes is the hole on the back.  No, there isn’t a hole in the product, but actually a hole drilled in a metal tab, and it is a way to padlock the 15-pound hard drive enclosure to anything you see fit.  On top of that, the ioSafe company has Disaster Recovery Service, which is free w/ purchase and it includes every effort possible to retrieve your hard drive and replace its enclosure in case of a water/fire disaster. That kind of data protection deserves an extraordinary applause.  Check out a video of its incredibleness.

  2. IronKey Personal USB DriveironkeyThe IronKey Personal drive will automatically encrypt all of your personal data and comes in a stylish brushed metal casing, definitely designed to impress just about anyone.  And if you thought data encryption wasn’t enough, the epoxy-filled casing makes it waterproof and impossible for a hacker to extract the chip.  Okay, Inspector Gadget, did I mention it can also self-destruct?!Not only has the IronKey company worked hard to keep your mobile data confidential, but it also promotes your online security by including a safer option for web surfing: a “hardened” version of Firefox, Password Manager, and online anonymity through the Tor network.  This device is chock full of features, and even at the higher end of the pricing spectrum ($199 for 8GB), it provides a great value for those who know the meaning of data security.
  3. Data Locker
    proaes-hand240Portable drives have the tendency to get lost easily.  That’s the price of going portable, but it doesn’t have to cost you your privacy.  Even if this unique drive were to fall into the wrong hands, those fingers would have to guess your personal PIN, up to 18 digits!  The removable rubber fitting protects the drive from physical impact, too.
  4. Rugged Notebooks RNB Series
    RR Max 508
    Fully- and Semi-Rugged laptops are available at, as well as rugged handhelds and tablets.  The RNB 230 Max is their flagship model, offering “superior performance, quality and expandability.”  With a shock-mounted, hardware-encrypted hard drive, fingerprint and smartcard reader, and metal alloy chassis, this is one tough, reliable piece of equipment that won’t let you down. (more…)
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There is a Cool-er Kid on The E-Reader Block!


When it comes to e-readers, the most common name among people is the Kindle 2 from Amazon. Well, Interead decided to change that with their “Cool-er” e-reader. It reminds me of the monochromatic iPod’s but instead of an iPod, it is an e-reader.

It comes in 8 magnificent colors and very lightweight. (more…)

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Logitech Keyboards Now Get Windows SlideShow

Logitech Keyboard

The secondary panels of Logitech’s gaming keyboards, the G15 and G19, can now embrace Windows SlideShow. Download the latest firmware and you will have this feature free of charge. Windows SideShow is a feature in Vista that lets an auxiliary panel display information, such as contacts, e-mails, appointments, and images on the hard disk. Something cool about this feature is that all the information is available whether your is PC on or off. (more…)

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