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New XBox 360 Updates Allow You to Stream Movies via Netflix and More

Microsoft has updated the current Xbox 360 dashboard to include a host of new features. One of the most impressive ones is a new content delivery system designed to stream movies via Netflix.

In addition to the new Netflix capabilities, users will receive more options for instant messaging, new Mii-like avatars, and a cleaner looking dashboard.  XBox 360 users will also be able to download entire games to the hard drive to increase game performance and decrease load times. (more…)

The Seiko WN-1: An Earth Watch That Rotates Every 24 Hours

The Seiko WN-1 is a very cool time piece to wear, especially if you want people to strike up a conversation with you. It’s a toy watch with a small rotating earth that makes a full rotation once every 24 hours, just as the real Earth does. The time zone indicator points to the correct hour on the bezel. (more…)

  • Published in General on 11/24/08
  • Posted by Carmela M.

The Verizon-Exclusive Touchscreen BlackBerry Storm

Observed on a technical level, the iPhone has seen little to no direct competition since its June launch last year.  Many somewhat similarly-styled phones have been released, most notably by Samsung, Sony, and two different ones from LG. Even HTC and Google got into the mix more recently.  While many of these products may have been solid phones in their own right, it’s almost as if people think the mere act of inviting a comparison to the iPhone is enough to doom a potential competitor’s device.

RIM and Verizon are hoping to change all that with the launch of the latest BlackBerry phone, known as the Storm(more…)

  • Published in General on 11/23/08
  • Posted by Josh C.

MyCar: The New Electric Car Designed by Italdesign

The NICE Car Company has just launched their two-seater MyCar electric vehicle in the UK.

This has got to be the smallest, most stylish and cheapest inner-city car there is and because it’s an electric vehicle with zero-emissions. It is available in your choice of seven different colors and it comes standard with power windows, power door locks, power mirrors, an MP3 player and 14″ alloy wheels. (more…)

  • Published in General on 11/21/08
  • Posted by Mark J.

The LG Prada Link Bluetooth Watch

LG has released their brand new phone, the LG Prada II. The big news isn’t the phone, but a watch that’s included with it known as the LG Prada Link. This Bluetooth watch has a lot of features we’ve seen but this time they’re on a watch. The Prada Link can show caller ID, Preview your text messages and you no longer have to take your phone out of your pocket every time you get a call or text message.

The watch has a tiny OLED screen that will not only show you all the options previously mentioned but also give you a call rejection option. (more…)

The LG Prada II Has Arrived

The LG Prada II was officially launched yesterday, November 18th, in Europe. This much improved second edition of the LG Prada boasts a slide out QWERTY keyboard, 3G, a 5-megapixel camera and slow motion video capture. It has video-calling, DivX support, 7.2 Mbps HSDPA connectivity, a micro SD card slot and a full HTML browser.

At around $715 USD for this beautiful piece of name brand technology, who can blame you for wanting one? (more…)

The World’s Smallest Blu-ray Player is Also A Laptop: The Sony VAIO TT

If the PlayStation 3 is considered the most entertaining Blu-ray player, then the new Sony VAIO TT is now officialy the smallest, most mobile Blu-ray player on the market.

You can record up to 50GB of data to a single Blu-ray Disc. To complement your moving HD experience, an HDMI output is provided should you need to connect the VAIO TT to a compatible HDTV. The integrated stereo Bluetooth technology can also be used for wirelessly connecting to wireless audio capable speakers.

As a laptop the Sony VAIO TT is pretty solid, combining an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, a 256GB Solid State drive and 4GB of RAM. It has a black carbon-fiber casing and a backlit 11.1″ LED display. (more…)

Got an iPhone? Now You Can Search Google With Your Voice

If you like to search Google with your iPhone but are feeling rather lazy at this time of year, then Google has the answer with their new ‘voice recognition search’ application for Google Mobile.

It’s easy to use, just speak into your iPhone and ask it a question – the results are then sent back to you via ‘Google’s voice search’ in a matter of seconds. It also incorporates the geo-locating element of the iPhone, allowing you ask location specific questions. (more…)

The Moon Dust-DNA Watch

Why buy a gold watch, when you can get one made with real Moon dust? The Moon Dust-DNA watch is made by Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome. The watch is made with Moon dust, parts from the Apollo 11 Rocket and bits of spacesuits. Romain Jerome’s latest collection called “Moon Dust-DNA” will have a steel and titanium case, a lunar dial with tiny craters filled with Moon dust and a strap that is created with fibers from a spacesuit. (more…)

The Pentagon Has Approved R&D for A Flying Car

The Pentagon has commissioned DARPA to build a military grade flying-car. The Personal Air Vehicle Technology project aims to create a car which could drive on the road, and in an instant take off from the road and fly like a helicopter.

Although there is already a flying-car in the works by another manufacturer knows as Terrafugia, that one is designed for civilians.

The new flying-car being built by DARPA could be used for military purposes including scouting, search and resuce, and personnel transport. (more…)