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The LG LH95 is the Thinnest LCD TV Ever

LG will probably be showing off dozens of their new LCD TVs at CES 2009 this week, but the most interesting one may possibly be the LH95. This new unit is currently the thinnest HDTV that exists to this date. The LH95 supports 240Hz and a 2 million to 1 contrast ratio, yet is only 24.8mm (0.97 inch) thick. That’s less than an inch.

I still remember the days when TVs were the size of a small car and were heavier than a pile of bricks. (more…)

H2O Power: 9 Cool Water Powered Creations

In today’s eco-conscious generation, we are constantly looking for ways to save energy or power our stuff with less economic impact. Of all of the sources of energy in the world, the most natural and readily available is quite possibly water.

Water is used in hydroelectrical power plants to generate electricity by using water current to control a generator. Many new methods of deriving power from water have recently emerged, however, and some of those methods are seen put to use in the water powered gadgets and technologies listed below.

  1. Water Powered Jet Pack

    I have no idea how legitimate this is, but it’s cool to watch nonetheless. It is supposedly a water powered jet pack designed by a 16 year old, who is seen here demonstrating it before a crowd.

  2. Water Powered Hovercar

    A group of firemen created a makeshift hovercraft by attaching several fire hoses to an apparatus welded to a compact car. The force of the water caused the vehicle to hover, as seen in the video. This method was also tested and deemed Plausible on an episode of Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel.

  3. Water Powered Micro-fuel Cell

    There has been talk over the past couple of years about a water powered micro fuel cell, and Samsung has announced that they have a working model capable of powering cell phones for 10 hours with nothing more than a shot of water. Water would react with a metal inside the cell, producing hydrogen, which would then produce 3 watts of electricity. Samsung is planning on having a commercial model available by 2010.
  4. (more…)

This Solar Powered Automower Mows Your Lawn Automatically

Anyone who has a lawn to mow knows just how tedious it can be. Now that chore can be delegated to man’s new best friend: robots.

Standard lawnmowers are generally very clumsy, heavy, and not to mention messy. The Husqvama Automower is a Roomba-esque type of robotic appliance that is solar powered and zero-emission. (more…)

Nextar’s Z10 LCoS Micro Projector Fits in Your Pocket

The Nextar LCoS-based Z10 weights in at 2.5 pounds and boasts a 640×480 resolution. Paired along with the PS-001 20 inch screen, the duo makes for an extremely portable presentation experience.

The projector shines with a brightness level between 7 and 12 lumens and has a 360 degree lens shift capability. It can be adjusted manually and has a 4:3 aspect ratio. (more…)

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Lenovo’s Dual-screen ThinkPad W700ds is Finally Offical

Lenovo has been teasing a dual screen laptop for some time, and now we finally have a confirmation on the machine. The Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds features a 17 inch primary display with a 10 inch slide-out secondary display. Details are scarce, but sources say that the system will make use of high-end Intel CPUs, optional RAID HDD/SSD setups, NVIDIA Quadro FX graphics acceleration, up to 8GB of DDR3 RAM and dual-link DVI/Display Port/VGA support. (more…)

The Pre from Palm: The Hottest Phone Debuted at CES 2009

This handset is creating a lot of buzz, and could be the big comeback product Palm has been looking for. The Palm Pre is a touchscreen phone with a slide-out full qwerty keyboard. The Pre includes a web browser which is based on Webkit, like the T-Mobile G1 and Apple iPhone browsers.

Besides the touchscreen and the full qwerty keyboard, the Pre also features a trackball similar to the one on Blackberry handsets. (more…)

Netflix to Stream Movies Directly to your TV

One of the major developments that came out of 2008 was Netflix’s announcement that they would stream movies directly to your home via a set-top box or PC. Amazon and Apple followed suit with this advancement and offered similar services as well. What makes this new service different, however, is that Netflix will stream the movies directly to your TV without filtering through a set-top box or PC, meaning the service will be specially built-in to the television itself. (more…)

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These Solar Panel Sunglasses Can Charge Your Gadgets

With spring coming around the corner, it will soon be warm enough to spend time outside and enjoy the weather once again. Maybe go for a bike ride, or lay out on the beach. On these kinds of outings, it is very common to bring along some kind of gadget with us, be it a cell phone, iPod, digital camera or laptop. Whatever the case may be, our gadgets use batteries, and if we plan on being out for a long time to enjoy the day, chances are those gadgets are going to run out of juice.

This handy pair of sunglasses can act as solar panels to absorb sunlight and convert it into energy for your devices. (more…)

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19 Weird and Wacky Gadgets That You Will Probably Never Need

There are handy gadgets on the market these days that serve as a benefit in one way or another, and then there are the gadgets that satisfy some aesthetic but serve no other purpose at all. There are dozens, if not hundreds or even thousands, of gadgets out there that provide no benefit other than being cool, or funny, or even oddly disturbing.

Below we’ve got a list of gadgets that are superfluous in function, yet fun and entertaining. We present to you 19 weird and wacky gadgets that you will probably never need.

  1. RSStroom Reader

    The RSStroom reader by Yi Tien Electronics is a news ticker style printer that will print your selected RSS feeds directly onto rolls of toilet paper. Read your news while you’re in the restroom, and then put your news to good use when you’re done.
  2. Rubiks Cube MP3 Player

    The Rubik Cube Mp3 Player has the appearance of the classic Rubik’s cube puzzle, and even has a similar function, requiring that you solve different parts of the puzzle in order to operate the player. Each layer you solve has different functions, such as play, pause, and skip. You must completely solve the puzzle in order to turn off the player. Impractical? Yes. Entertaining? …Maybe.
  3. Ashtray Smoke Sucker

    In order to accommodate non-smokers, smokers could make use of the ashtray smoke sucker, a small USB powered device that acts as an ashtray but also contains an internal fan that sucks in cigarette smoke, running it through a carbon filter.
  4. Aquaduct Bike

    The Aquaduct bike by IDEO is a fully functioning tricycle with a built-in tank of water. Once you fill the tank and operate the bike, it will begin to purify the water. It’s handy for outings when you have to fill up the tank at a questionable public water source.
  5. Anti-Theft Car/Bike Stickers

    This sticker set is designed to be used to make your vehicle appear rusted and undesirable, so as to prevent theft. How effective that is, I don’t know, but it sounds pretty weird and wacky. (more…)

Will Nanobots Make Your Camera Take Better Pictures?

A team of scientists at the University of Glasgow in Scotland are currently conducting research in the advancement of digital imaging. This endeavor has been supported by a $740,000 grant from the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council of Scotland. The research will focus on a phenomenon known as surface plasmon resonance, which is “an effect exhibited by certain metals when light waves fall onto their surfaces.” (more…)