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Amazon Introduces the New 9.7″ Kindle DX

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Have you ever wanted to carry your entire library in your hands?  If your collection of books is as large as mine is, this could be a daunting task.  Thankfully, the Amazon Kindle is here to save the day.

This morning saw the announcement of Amazon’s newest Kindle, dubbed the Kindle DX.  The magazine thin device will enable you to carry up to 3,500 books with 4GB of internal storage.  (more…)

The PhotoShower: A Projector and Shower Head in One

Ever thought about having your shower do more than spray water on you? Enter the PhotoShower, a creative picture projecting shower head.  This sweet shower head streams pictures out for your enjoyment, with a sleek modern look that is sure to get high ratings in the WOW factor department. 

As complicated as this projector looks, it is actually rather simple to use.  It simply does what a projector should do, project pictures. (more…)

Introducing the Eee PC-in-a-Keyboard

The new Asus Eee PC-in-a-Keyboard is exactly what it sounds like, an entire PC fitted inside of a keyboard. It also has a small touchscreen display in place of the number pad on the right.

The specs include:

  • 1.6Ghz Atom Processor
  • 1GB of Ram
  • 8GB or 16GB SSD Drive
  • 5″ Touchscreen display
  • VGA and HDMI output (optional wireless video capability)


Public ePaper Displays Being Tested in Tokyo

The latest in electronic paper technology is hitting the streets of Tokyo, as the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will be posting e-paper signage in and around Toshima Life and Industry Plaza. A wireless network in the area will update the e-paper displays with relevant information for disaster prevention. (more…)

23 of The Hottest Gadgets and Technologies from 2008

The 20th century has been all about one thing: innovation. Every year we have new technologies and new advancements that further progress our society. 2008 was no different and offered its own assortment of technological innovations and hot gadgets.

Below is a listing of some of the most beneficial, and some of the most popular gadgets and gear to come out of 2008. They serve to improve your home, the economy, or life in general.

  1. Slingbox SOLO

    The Slingbox SOLO is a media unit that allows you to watch your TV from anywhere, either on your laptop or on your cell phone. The SOLO syncs to equipment such as your set top box, DVR, or satellite system and transmits HD-quality signals to wherever you are. You can watch your own TV from work, from China, or from the North Pole. The system costs a mere $179.99.
  2. Amazon Kindle

    The Amazon Kindle, like previous e-book readers makes use of a backlight-free E Ink display to display texts as an alternative to paper books. It only uses power when loading new pages and can last for hundreds of pages between charges. The Kindle’s key feature is a high-speed EVDO antenna that allows fast downloads from Sprint. The Kindle is available for $359.
  3. Intel Atom Processor

    Not only is the Atom super small (47 million transistors on a single 26x26mm chip), but it is super efficient, with a power range from 1 watt to 2.5 watts. What the Atom brings to the market is the possibility to bring computer-level power into smaller formats, further evolving the potential for portable devices.
  4. Roku Netflix Box

    If you have a Netflix account, then with the Roku box you will never have to wait for your movies to come in the mail ever again. The Roku connects to your TV and, through your home network, streams more than 12,000 movies and TV shows for free. The box costs $99, and requires a Netflix subscription.
  5. Apple iPhone 3G

    The iPhone has been a top seller ever since its debut, so it comes as no surprise that it would be one of the hottest gadgets of 2008. It doesn’t handle email as well as the BlackBerry line, and as a phone, it is no better than most others, but it started a revolution. Available for $199.
  6. Wii Balance Board (and Wii Fit)

    Wii Fit is one of those games that seeks to reinvent the video game genre by becoming a more practical family-oriented home utility, rather than a simple game. Combined with the Wii Balance Board, it becomes a full exercise training experience allowing you to do anything from aerobics to hula hooping.
  7. (more…)

Toshiba Debuts Spatial Motion Interface Display

At CES this month, Toshiba introduced a line of television displays that use a “Spatial Motion Interface” to detect hand gestures and perform the appropriate action based on those gestures. The display uses integrated infrared sensors and an internal computer to track movement in their proximity.

The new Toshiba displays represent a technology only seen previously in science fiction. The 2002 film Minority Report depicts a spatial motion interface for their crime-solving computer systems. (more…)

These ‘Troll Touch’ Slipcovers Turn Your Mac Into a Touch Screen

Custom touch screen manufacturer Troll Touch has recently debuted a new slipcover for Apple’s 24-inch LED Cinema Display that will give it touch screen input functionality. The clear plastic fitting is unnoticeable and does not alter the devices form factor in any way.

The Cinema Display touch screen integration kit comes with a clear slipcover that connects to your system via USB. Touch screen kits are also provided for the iMac and MacBook. (more…)

Flexible Displays Come Closer to the Consumer Market

HP, in association with the Flexible Display Center of Arizona State University, recently announced that they have a working model of their flexible computer display. This flexible screen technology has been in development for years, but no commercial models have yet to be released. HP’s announcement shows that their prototype could be hitting shelves in the near future.

The flexible displays use a technology called Self-Aligned Imprint Lithography (SAIL) which imprints an array of thin film transistors onto a sheet of plastic. (more…)

The LG LH95 is the Thinnest LCD TV Ever

LG will probably be showing off dozens of their new LCD TVs at CES 2009 this week, but the most interesting one may possibly be the LH95. This new unit is currently the thinnest HDTV that exists to this date. The LH95 supports 240Hz and a 2 million to 1 contrast ratio, yet is only 24.8mm (0.97 inch) thick. That’s less than an inch.

I still remember the days when TVs were the size of a small car and were heavier than a pile of bricks. (more…)

Worlds Largest LED Display Being Built in Dubai: 33-Stories High!

These days whenever Dubai is mentioned in conversation it usually has to do with something really really big. Well this time, you must see it to believe it. The guys over at Tameer development company in UAE have laid out plans to make the whole side of a 33-story building one huge LED display. Thus making it the worlds largest LED display to be embedded on an intended commercial tower.

They call it the ‘Podium’. At night it will illuminate the entire Dubai city skyline. It will be visible from almost as far as a mile away.

The design of the screen still allows light to pass through into the building. Thus the view from inside the building behind the screen will not be blocked by the display.