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The New Programmable Keyboards From Razer

We all know Razer has given us good stuff in the past and today they are adding to that list of good stuff. Razer officially released their two new keyboards targeting the gaming world: The Arctosa and the Lycosa Mirror. These keyboards are built with budget users in mind.

Hitting the gaming world for about 50 bucks, the entry level Arctosa comes in either silver or black lettering with black keys. Its shape is similar to the Lycosa and is said to wipe out the “ghosting” effect that hinders movement when using the WASD key layout in many first-person shooter titles.” The Arctosa is said to hit stores this November. (more…)

The Lenovo Ideapad S10: A Value Priced UMPC With Specs That Count

The term UMPC gained most of its momentum in 2008 when many major manufacturers produced a model to compete in this growing market. We saw everything from the 7” Eee Pc to the 10” MSI Wind. Many of them offered a hard drive size to be laughed at and poor battery life with 3 cell batteries. Nevertheless a flower has bloomed between the weeds and that flower’s name is the Ideapad.

The Lenovo Ideapad S10 to be more precise. It is competitively priced with specifications that make this UMPC in a class of its own, at least for now. (more…)

20 Amazing Water Resistant Gadgets [ Pics ]

It’s quite surprising to see so many unique gadgets catering to the amphibious crowd *ribbit, ribbit*, from cars to digital cameras – the intrigue never ends! Here’s a list of the 20 most interesting submersible gadgets that we’ve found:

  1. Bubble O Seven – The Amphibious Car

    Inspired by the James Bond Film “The Spy Who Loved Me”, the SQuba is an amphibious car designed by Frank Rinderknecht. The SQuba will operate like a boat if driven into the water, and is propelled along the surface by two propellers on either side of its license plate. To submerge the vehicle, the driver opens a door to let water flood the passenger compartment. Once underwater, the SQuba uses a third engine to suck in water through the car’s front grille and pushes it out through two side jet vents. The vents enable the car to manuevre underwater. The Lotus Elise-based SQuba is not for sale, but cost £750,000 to be built by Mr Rinderknecht’s company Rinspeed. It will go on show at next month’s motor show in Geneva, Switzerland. [ Via ]
  2. The Linde Werdelin – Dive Computer

    Here’s another James Bond inspired gadget: The Linde Werdelin Sea Instrument Dive Computer. Ever since Sean Connery wore a Rolex Submariner for the role of James Bond in 1962, the public imagination has been captivated by watches capable of enduring the most extreme of conditions such as submersion, pressure and shock. The Linde Werdelin Dive Computer brings the diving watch into the 21st century; it is packed with a full suite of diving sensors that guage depth, orientation, direction, and of course, time. The watch uses the Buhlmann’s algorithm to compute how much time the diver needs to safely surface, and has 128MB of inbuilt flash memory to log up to 60 hours worth of dive data for later analysis. All this high-tech wizardry doesn’t come cheap though, with the standard unit costing US$3069 or the 18karat gold version costing US$45,542. [ Via ]
  3. Aquasonic – Underwater Loudspeakers

    These are Aqua-Sonic Underwater speakers, thats right, full-range speakers that function underwater! They were originally developed for use by marine biologists, olympic swim teams and the US Navy, however, they’ve since been commercialised for the audiohydrophile in you! The speakers can either be mounted into the pool wall or simply placed at the bottom with a cord running to the surface for the audio-input. These aquatic buzzers are available for $595. [ Via ]
  4. SwiMP3 Player – Groove as you swim

    This underwater MP3 player lets you listen to your favorite tunes during a monotonous pool workout. The unit attaches neatly to your goggle-straps and uses bone-conduction to deliver sound to your ears. The bone-conduction pads rest on your cheeks and vibrate the sound into your head, thus allowing you to avoid sticking ear buds in your ears or the hassle of donning watertight headphones. Users report that the sound quality is about the same as regular ear buds. This aquatic jukebox will set you back by about $140. [ Via ]
  5. Digital Camera Swim Mask – World’s First Underwater Camera-Goggles

    The Digital Camera Swim Mask is made by Hammacher and Schlemmer and is an entry-level underwater digital camera. It is equipped with a 5 megapixel CCD and is usable till a depth of 15 feet. The mask’s eyepieces are made from tempered glass that have integrated crosshairs, allowing you to properly frame your aquatic subjects. The downside is that the mask has only 16MB of internal flash memory, however a microSD card slot allows you to expand its memory capacity. The Camera Swim Mask would set you back by about $99. [ Via ]
  6. Sentry Safe – Water Resistant Hard Disk Enclosure

    The Sentry Safe is the world’s first waterproof and fire resistant hard drive. The drive comes in a range of capacities, from 80GB to 120GB and finally 250GB. It connects to your PC or laptop via highspeed USB and the internal hard drive is actually a One-Touch Maxtor drive. Cost: $351. [ Via ]
  7. (more…)

The Super Tiny Shrunken Keyboard

Now you know why we say never get your keyboard wet–it shrinks!  Actually this is the  Super Tiny Keyboard and possibly one of the smallest portable keyboard on earth.  It’s small enough to go with you wherever you want. Measuring only 17 x 7.3 x 1.5 cm, it has 56 keys and a USB port.

It is static resistant and weighs 116g. It comes with a retractable cable.  Yep, sure looks like a shrink ray hit this one! This tiny little keyboard has a tiny little price of $25.00 USD. Check it out at Brando.

23 Excellect Eco-Friendly Gadgets For A Greener Lifestyle

Being green isn’t just the political movement it once was.  It means working smarter and conserving; being conscientious and responsible about your surroundings.  It’s also become a big business, which is good because it’s now easier to be greener than ever, and more cost effective for you in the long run.

Check out our 2008 list of our favorite green gadgets that will help you be a little nicer to our planet.

  1. Dell Laptops
    Dell tops off our list because of it’s most recent green, laptop initiative.  By 2009, the PC manufacturing giant has announced that 80 percent of the laptops it sells by 2009 will be equipped with energy-efficient LED displays.  On a 15-inch screen, LED’s use 43 percent less electricity than traditional cold cathode fluorescent lamps.  Not only will this give users an average 3 to 6 hour boost in battery life, but by 2011 it will save 220 million KWh.
  2. Audioengine A5N Speaker System
    Bamboo is quickly becoming a favorite material for many component manufacturers because of its sustainability and versatility.  The sound technicians over at Audioengine are exploiting bamboo for its superb acoustic properties.  These A5N speakers are a great addition to any home setup, and can connect to virtually any speaker system, but has a special charging dock for iPods.  A built-in subwoofer system eliminates the need for bulky external units.

    The best part?  These speakers are absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Ego Electric Scoota
    This cool little guy is designed for the cost and environmentally conscious urbanite.  It quick charges in 3 hours, full charges in 8, and has a top speed of 30 mph.  At roughly 15 cents for a full charge, the Scoota will be able to transport you around town for up to 40 miles, which is more than enough for most city dwellers.  Say goodbye to high oil prices!
  4. D-Link Xtreme Router Series
    D-Link recently updated its Xtreme series to go green, and in ways you might not expect.  The routers are intelligent.  They detect things like cable length and link status, adjusting power to meet the current demand.  You’ll find this new, smart, green technology in the D-Link Xtreme N Gigabit Router DIR-665, Xtreme N Duo Media Router DIR-855, and the Xtreme N Gaming Router DGL-4500.
  5. Robomower RL850
    This is just plain cool.  Who hasn’t dreamed of having a robot servant, taking care of all your dirty, time consuming chores?  The Robomower does just that.  Simply install the charging station and guidance wires around your lawn, and the Robomower handles the rest.  The Robomower uses no gasoline or oil, and emits no emissions, making it one of the cleanest mowers available.  It also comes with onboard sensors to work it’s way around obstacles.  When the grass is cut, it simply returns to it’s charging station.  The Robomower starts at $1,499.99.
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The Panasonic Toughbook Gets Even Tougher

Panasonic is getting tougher. Tougher with it’s Toughbook series. The newest one is the F8 and it’s built like a brick outhouse.  That means military specs like surviving falls from tall buildings and even running in 100 degree heat. This one has 3G–Gobi 3G WWAN to be exact–and at 3.7 lbs. is the lightest one yet.

It has an Intel Core 2 Duo speeding along at 2.26GHz and has space for up to 4GB RAM.  It sports a shock-mounted 160GB HDD with a six-hour batter life.  Take that to impress the guys!  And don’t worry, they can’t break it.  It has a magnesium alloy body, spill-resistant keyboard and flexible internal connectors.  (more…)

A Collection of Cool and Unusual USB Drives

Are you a little bored of your regular old, dime a dozen, USB drive? In our latest edition of our Cool and Unusual series we take a look at some USB drives that are not so regular at all.

Mix it up with one of these USB drives. Check out our collection of cool and unusual USB drives below.

19 Really Cool Gadgets for Your Office or Cubicle

The office can be a cold, hard, unfeeling, life-sucking place to spend your working days, but then again you don’t have to live in Dilbertsville.  For all the stigma surrounding “the office,” you’re getting unique opportunities to interact with people and your environment in between filing TPS reports.

Here are 19 gadgets that will help to turn that day job prison into a techy heaven!

  1. Newton’s USB Cradle

    A new take on an old office classic, the USB Newton’s Cradle from Boynq gracefully suspends 4 USB cables aloft like the classic Newton’s cradle, affording you great functionality in a slick form factor.
  2. The Stealth Switch – Tap It With Your Foot To Hide Your Games or MySpace Windows At Work

    What fun would work be without a little procrastination?  This foot pedal attaches to your Windows machine and sits on the floor while you play your games or browse around, carefully avoiding your work.  If the boss walks into the room, simply stomp the pedal and it will hide your troublesome open windows!  You can snag one now for $39.95.

  3. Nappak – Portable Sleeping Cube

    A well rested employee is a productive employee.  Either that or they’re just lazy!  Either way, this portable sleeping cube dubbed the Nappak is sure to provide some peaceful office Z’s for those who need it.  Hey, it works for Google!
  4. USB Coffee Warmer
    Technological convergence can be a great thing.  For those of you who require their caffeine fix, this little USB-powered hot plate is your newest best friend.  While it won’t bring your cup o’ joe (or favorite tea) to a bubbling boil, it will keep it nice and warm around 104° F right next to your computer!
  5. Carpet Skates

    These were too funny not to include!  Just slip these guys over your shoes and their sheer surfaces will reduce the friction enough to allow you to glide at blinding speed across your office carpet! Late for that 3 o’clock meeting on the other side of the floor?  No problem any more! Note: Speed skating/ninja suit not included, though strange glances from your coworkers are something you’ll be sure to attract.  (Of course, you’re productivity will probably skyrocket as well, so you’ll have the last laugh at your mid-year review!)
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The Fingerdrum Mousepad Drum Pad

Mousepads that make music aren’t exactly new, but if you have a great sense of rhythm and want to put those drumming fingers to good use during your more idle moments at the office, the Finger Drum Mousepad is right up your alley.

This mousepad has an integrated electronic drum pad that allows you to play eight different percussion sounds including bass, snare, two rack toms, a floor tom, hi-hat, crash, and ride cymbals using only your fingers. The MP3 player input enables you to play drum solos over any song from your digital music library. (more…)

Leaked: The 12-Inch Dell Inspiron Z530

Tesco, a British Online retailer, accidentally released details surrounding a new 12-inch laptop from Dell, dubbed the Inspiron Z530.

Coming out right on the tail of the 9-inch “Mini-Inspiron,” the laptop is significant because it will come preloaded with Ubuntu Linux instead of Microsoft Windows.  It will also come with a display capable of outputting at a sharp 1366×768 resolution, a 40GB hard drive, a 1.33GHz Atom processor and 1GB of RAM minimum.

Expect the laptop to retail soon for around $530. (more…)

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