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The HP TouchSmart IQ500 is Finger Friendly

If you can’t get enough of touch screen gadgets, then HP has a treat for you. Their newest generation desktop PC is designed specifically for touch. The HP TouchSmart IQ500 Series PC encourages you to touch its 22-inch high-definition widescreen super-slim touch display. There is no box involved here, since the CPU is embedded into the display.

The best thing about the touch control is that we can literally use our fingers to do lots of stuff that you would normally need a mouse for, thanks to HP’s proprietary sotware. As far as keeping things simple, the IQ500 only uses one electrical cord, and that’s the only cable you’ll find here since everything else is wireless. (more…)

The ASUS PX24 is the World’s Smallest HD PC

It seems that every computer manufacturer has come up with a shrinking ray-gun to make all their gadgets smaller. ASUS is the latest to conjure up the dark arts with its Mini PC Nova Lite PX24. It’s the world’s smallest mini PC equipped with built-in dedicated graphics card, courtesy of ATI. The creme de la creme will be the support for High Definition output, both 1080i and 1080p, making it the world’s smallest HD PC.

Although it’s very small, ASUS has managed to throw in a 250GB hard drive, built-in Wireless LAN, Hi-Fi speakers, and HDMI port. The slim profile allows users to place it horizontally or vertically, to save desk space. An optional stand and Vista remote control is available. (more…)

The New Asus Eee PC 901, 1000 and 1000H Debut at Computex

Asus has really outdone themselves this time. The new clam shells look so much sleeker and comes in various flavors sporting different graphic-designs on their covers. But thats not even the main highlight. The new mini-laptops of course are using Intel’s Atom processor and have 3 operational modes: Power Saving, High Performance and Super Hi Performance. Thats a runtime of 3.5 to 7.8 hours!

Battery life is dependent on the model of Eee PC. For instance the 1000H model utilizes an 80GB hard disk, which gives it the shortest battery life of 3.2 to 7 hours depending on the power-mode. The 901 model has the longest endurance of 4.2 to 7.8 hours owed to its smaller 8.9″ screen and 12GB SSD. All these models feature 6 cell batteries. (more…)

AMD Introduces PUMA Processors to Compete with Intel

5 years ago I couldn’t picture myself using an overpriced (in my opinion), underpowered laptop, but now I couldn’t imagine how life would be without my laptop. In the notebook market the undisputed king of the jungle is Intel. Intel is about to get a challenge from its eternal rival, AMD who is releasing their newest next-generation mobile platform dubbed PUMA. This new platform is due out in 2008. In early 2009 AMD will spin out the new “Fusion” integrated processor that combines the CPU and GPU onto a single 45nm die.

The combo-chip is set to be used in almost every gadget, from UMPCs to widescreen notebooks, as well as other consumer electronic devices.

The 42″ Linux Powered Asus Eee TV Spotted at Computex?

In January Asus announced the upcoming release of a 42″ LCD Panel running Linux. Very little information has been released since then. The TV you see above was spotted nonchalantly blending in at Computex.

None of the specs have been released yet, and no one has confirmed that this is indeed the Eee TV from Asus. In the pictures, you can see USB ports and a LAN port among other things. (more…)

MSI Unveils the Wind Mini Desktop PC

MSI has unveiled the desktop version of their Wind UMPC, known as the MSI Wind mini-desktop, at Computex. The Wind desktop comes just after the recent release of the competing Eee Box mini desktop by Asus.

The new MSI desktop features an Intel Atom processor and it is about 3 times smaller than a traditional desktop PC. The desktop has really low power requirements at just 35-watts. It also has WiFi, a 160GB hard drive and it will be available with Windows XP or Linux pre-installed. (more…)

The New Dell XPS 730 is Running 4GB of DDR3 at 1600MHz

Yeah, you read that right. The Dell XPS 730 comes packed with 4GB of Corsair DDR3 overclocked to 1600MHz. Previous Dell XPS systems were running at just 800MHz. Both Dell and Corsair put a lot of testing into this machine to ensure that it remained stable, while operating at a very high clock frequency.

According to Andy Paul, president of Corsair, “The performance computing community is very aware of the improved game play that 4GB of memory offers, as well as corresponding improvements in task switching and program load times.”


LG Has Released a New Line of 6X Blu-Ray Drives

LG has released their new BE06, GBC-H20L and GBW-H20L Blu-ray drives which feature ultrafast read and write speeds of 6X.

The drives are also compatible with DVD, CDR and CDRW. The BE06 is perfect for laptop or external use, and it can be connected through a USB 2.0 interface.

The GBC-H20L and the GBW-H20L are designed for desktops and can write up 50GB of data on a Blu-ray disc. (more…)

Asus Eee Box Specs Revealed!

The Asus Eee Box, which we previously featured here, showed up at Computex 2008 with quite a few details about it’s upcoming release and feature options.

The diminutive PC will in fact include the new Intel N270 Atom processor running at 1.6 GHz, and comes with either Linux or Windows XP. The base model comes with 1 GB of memory and 80 GBs of storage and starts at a dirt-cheap price of $269 for Linux, $299 for Windows.

802.11 wireless comes standard, as well an integrated graphics processor that will max out it’s resolution at 1200×1600, and an integrated media card reader. The PC is configurable, however. Throw in an extra 30 dollars on the base Linux model, and you’ll double your RAM and storage to 2 GHz and 160 GB respectively. There is also a 250 GB option.


Say Hello to The New Optimus Popularis Keyboard

Designer Art Lebedev has revealed the upcoming successor to the ever popular Optimus Maximus keyboard, called the Optimus Popularis. Each key can display a different image, because they are laid over an LCD screen. Their old Maximus keyboard featured an OLED in each key.

The new one features transparent keys laid over a single screen. The use of a single screen, as opposed to the use of a screen in each key should significantly lower production costs, thus lowering the price too. (more…)