Part 2: 23 More Insanely Modded Game Consoles and Accessories

Yeah!  Here we go again.  I’m glad you made it back for this round of our “Insanely Modded” saga!  We had so much fun compiling our first Game Console Mods list that we just knew there were  more dedicated gamers out there who were modding their game consoles in some of the coolest ways.

So without further ado, here are another 23 Insanely Modded Game Consoles for you to marvel at.  And when we say “insane” we mean insanely-genius!

1.  PS3 George Foreman GrillForeman Grill PS3

The PS3 George Foreman grill mod has to give a lot of props to the designer for his love of both Playstation and food!  It might be the perfect accessory to a man cave while entertaining company, eating some brats’ and playing some Madden or Call of Duty against your bros.


2.  Xbox 360 Car

xbox 360 car

So someone decided to not only mod an Xbox 360, but then they decided to mod a Suzuki with that modded 360.  What happens when you do that?  You get the Suzuki SX360! There’s actually a projector that displays the game on the retractable hood!  The controller in the steering wheel and console dash give the car and console and ultra-sleek, ultra-modern, ultra-gaming look and theme.


3.  Assassin’s Creed PS3 ModAssassins-Creed-PS3-Console-Mod

It has a sword sticking out the top of it!  Are you kidding me?  This is an elaborate mod that brings the essence of thick, metaled armor to the forefront.  The candles add a medieval touch and feel that can completely immerse the gamer into the already deep world of Assassin’s Creed.


  4.Millennium Falcon Sega Dreamcastmillenium falcon

Yes, the Sega Dreamcast is nearly forgotten.  Nearly.   It’s times like these, though, with the Millennium Falcon in all her glory, bedazziling the  obsolete gaming system that really makes you yearn for the good old days of Han Solo and a little bit of Sega (but not much).


5.  Gold Wii made for The Queen of Englandqueen-gets-gold-plated-wii-468x270

When American game developing company THQ wanted to promote a complete family of games, who did they send a complimentary Golden Wii to?  That’s right, the Queen of England.  What better family to help promote your family fun pack than the royal family?  If you look at it, it really does look like something fit only for royalty.  The golden casing shimmers and the controller alone is worth more in gold than some families make in half a year.



LEGO geeks are some of the most creative around…and they really love their legos!  To them, there’s nothing that couldn’t be, or shouldn’t be, made out of LEGOs.  That’s how this mod of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) comes half covered in a shell and half completely made out of those lovable, clickable and stack-able blocks.


7.  Halo 3 Xbox Mod with Figurineshalo_mod_xbox_360

The Master Chief looks great on top of an Xbox 360, doesn’t he?  Like he was born to be there?  Well, I guess he sort of was…  Forget the coolness of the figurines on top this console, look at the detail that these modders put into the rocks and land (not to mention the controllers!).  Just running your finger across that rugged landscape will put you in the right frame of mind for creating a real life energy sword!


8.  Xbox 360 with LCD Display

Xbox LCD

This modder figured they would just bring the screen for their Xbox 360 along wherever they went…by inserting directly into the console itself.  Evidently, those old portable TVs that are either being junked or sitting in closets somewhere have some used to them after all.  These days you can take it’s LCD screen and place it directly in your gaming system.


9.  Functioning RC Camaro Xbox 360


Wow…I may have just died and gone to heaven!  This is a fully functioning RC Chevy Camaro modded into an Xbox 360, and it’s a really nice looking RC car to boot!  You no longer have to buy one of those bulky console carrying cases, ladies and gents.  You can just drive your Xbox to wherever you might be going to play.


10.  Far Cry 2 PS3

Reminiscent of the Assassin’s Creed mod, this Far Cry 2 PS3 is also reminiscent of death!  The machete, magazine and spent rounds add a certain blunt violence…but look a little closer.  The ant on top of the piece of skull in the lower right corner hint to something much more macabre and sinister.  Perfect Far Cry homage.


11.  SNES Toastersnes toaster

No, it doesn’t serve toast in the morning and once poor Mario runs out of lives the cartridge doesn’t pop up, but this is still a pretty neat and unique mod.  Although most mods are based off games and themed to be like them, this modder evidently had a taste for breakfast.  Perhaps he or she found themselves playing their SNES until dawn?


12.  Texas Longhorn Xboxtexas longhorn xbox mod

Every good sports fan needs to be constantly surrounded by their team’s colors and mascots.  Imagine playing NCAA or Madden on a console modded after your team.  That’s exactly what this modder did with this Texas Longhorn Xbox mod.  Hook’em, Horns!


13.  Star Wars “Tie-Fighter”’ Nintendo 64Nintendo-64-Tie-Fighter-2

You don’t know the power of the dark side?  Well, you will in this retro Stars War Imperial fighter and the aging Nintendo 64 console.  May the force be with you as you battle Donkey Kong inside of this N64 console modded for and by true Star Wars enthusiasts.  Do you think George Lucas ever thought this would be happening today?


14.  Custom Super Mario Wii with Pipessuper mario wii mod

The soft billowy clouds on a canvas of baby blue sky and the pipes that act as a control holder make this Wii mod really attractive for any kids or adult play room.  Take special note of the detail on the lower portion of the console as the grass gives way to the stoned wall.  It puts you right back in Mario land.


15.  The Hulk Wii ModHulk Wii MOD

Action-figures or figurines always give mods that extra something special.  This isn’t a case of images simply being painted on the console.  When action-figures are involved the entire console comes to life in real 3D pleasure.  And what better character than the mammoth Hulk?  Exquisitely painted, the peach/orange background sets a tranquil mood while Hulk smashes!


16.  The “X”  Shaped Xbox 360


Simple mods don’t always have to be so simple, do they?  This is an utlra-sleek, modern mod that is just, well, an “X”.  However, while that idea may be simple, it results in a mod that is almost the definition of style.  Just imagine the color possibilities and combinations that you could order to pimp out and match any decor.


17.  SpongeBob and Patrick Controllers550x-spongebob-controller

Okay, so this one might be different from all the rest we listed, but anyone who has kids knows that they fall in love with their favorite characters and games as much as the older ones do.  Why not let them play their Playstation with these modded controllers.  They’ll love you even more for it!


18.  Iron Man Xbox 360 Modiron man 360 xbox

Tony Stark, Iron Man and Marvel-Disney just can’t lose with this franchise, right?  (It’s doing Mr. Downey, Jr. pretty well too!)  This Iron Man Xbox mod is perfectly painted with the arc reactor shining from the center and seeming to power the entire console.


19.  Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 Mod

metalgear solid 4 ps

This Metal Gear Solid themed PS3 is all decked out and though it may not be as colorful as some other mods, you need to take a closer look at this one.  Check out the digital camouflage edging.  And, oh by the way, that is is a laser-cut, stainless steel Metal Gear 4 log on the top of that console.


20. Wooden Xbox Mod


This Xbox mod screams man-cave…all…day…long!  I can just imagine this stylish mod sitting next to a cigar humidor and bourbon rack while the guys and I are playing our current game of the month club membership into existence.  And since it’s not plasticized and painted,  this mod is also entirely environmentally friendly.


21.  NES PC, Water-cooled

watercooled NES

Water-cooled machine guns could fire for hours and never over-heat.  Imagine how long and how optimally an NES that is water-cooled will run.  But this isn’t just another NES.  This is an entire PC squeezed into this NES case.  Not only that, but look at the detail and love put into the coloring and graphics of this mod!


22.  Damnation Timberclad PS3-Steampunk Style


Feel how you want about the Steampunk movement.  Some people love it and some people absolutely hate it. But the movement seems to be going strong.  This PS3 mod with Damnation Timberclad inspiration boasts the copper piping, valves and switches to bring the games authenticity right onto the console.


23.  Project Unity Mod (15 Consoles in One Box!)

project unity

Is this the ultimate modder, tech, geek creation ever?  I don’t know but I know many modders, tech geeks or gamers that would absolutely fall in love with this one.  Project Unity gives us a mod that has 15 game consoles (with the ability to have 18!) into one tight package.  The kicker is that they were able to also produce one universal controller for playing all of them.

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