21 New and Noteworthy Android Apps for 2013

The summer is upon us and soon it will be over. Pretty soon we’ll be thinking Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and then…Christmas. If you’re looking to spice up your Android life with some new apps that are going to be big for the rest 2013 and into 2014, then you’ve come to right place.

Here’s our choices for the best apps that are sure to make a headlines in 2K13 and also make your Android life a lot easier and enjoyable!

1. IFTTT (FREE)ifttt for android new app

IFTTT is an innovative way to consume content, be alerted and keep every part of your online and social media presence completely up to date. For those that are familiar with creating rules in Microsoft Outlook, then the IFTTT “recipes” will be familiar. An example of one recipe would be “if I’m tagged on Facebook” then “send me an email”. Or, “if I check in on Foursquare” then “update my Facebook status”.

2. SnapText ($0.99)Because no one ever checks their email

Being able to create text templates to be used at the “snap” of a finger, SnapText makes it easier to do what we would have done in the first place. If you call a contact and they don’t answer then you’re most likely text them to find out “what’s up”, right? Well, with the SnapText templates you can immediately send a pre-formed, text template as soon as you kill the call.

3. Vine (FREE)


Share your life in motion with the popular Vine program. Now in an Android app, Vine allows you to take 6 second bursts of your life and all that surrounds it to share on Twitter and with your friends. You’d be amazed at how much entertainment can be crammed into that short amount of time. For businesses, it’s a truly great way to connect with your clients on social media.

4. Burst Camera for Photoshop ($2.67)burst camera

New and already extremely popular amongst photo aficionados. Burst Camera for Photoshop allows you to take quick photo bursts with the shutter sound (which, let’s be honest, makes picture taking that much more cooler) and edit all of your photos. When taking “selfies” the app has a flashlight mode to get that lighting just right!

5. Floating Touch (FREE)floating touch

Some apps seem so simple that at first glance you may never know why you would need something like that. Floating touch is one of those apps. Basically, the app comes with a “floating” circular button that allows you easy access to system settings, memory cleaning, a lock screen button and a home button. The app comes in very handy when operating apps that hide the Android task bar by allowing you to quickly pop out of your current app and do other things.

6.  Android Volume Booster (FREE)

Need a boost in volume to your music?  Maybe you’re walking along with some background noise and having trouble hearing the person you’re talking to.  Android Volume Booster gives your speakers and headphones the sound volume boost you need to make all your calls sound great.  Ever notice how some YouTube videos have differing levels of sound quality?  Well, this app puts a simple solution at work and makes everything sound powerful.

7. Droid Sky View (FREE)Droid Sky View

State of the art 3D technology and a high-speed GPS system, with Droid Sky View just point your Android camera at the sky and the app will tell you exactly what you’re looking at. Want to know what that star is called? Then Droid Sky view can tell you. This is a great app for dates and romantic evenings when you both are looking for something to reach for.


8.  Bill Minder ($4.99)bill-minder

Bill Minder is an app that brings all of your bills to your Android phone in a calendar app.  Using the Bill Minder calendar you’ll be able to track and take notice of which bills are coming up, which ones are past due and which bills you still have time to not worry about.  Bill Minder also helps you track your spending and budget with graphs and charts.  One of the best things about Bill Minder is that you and your family can share the apps database by syncing with each other, that way you’ll never have “I thought you paid it!”-confusion again.

9. VehicLogics ($0.99)vehiclogics

The newest car maintenance/tracker on the Android Market. VehicLogics allows you to track your car’s performance in real time with the aid of gauges, logs and graph data. Track your acceleration with the “0 to 60 MPH” tracker! VehicLogics connects to cars via Bluetooth and works on many makes and models.

10. Click UI ($1.29)click ui

This is a theme and wallpaper app that works in unison with Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, GO Launcher Ex and others. However, that doesn’t mean that this is an app that isn’t worth the money. With Click UI you get 5 cool wallpapers and the ability to customize icon sizes for your home screen. HD looks really good on your phone and this will truly make your Android device stand out from the pack.

11. Next Launcher Theme UltraColor ($3.50)next launcher ultra color

Another personalization app comes in at number 11. The Next Launcher Ultra Color theme is like putting a 3D rainbow at your fingertips on your Android device. So far it’s been getting rave reviews on the Google Play review section with more than 80% of the ratings being 5 stars.

12.  Fonelink (FREE)fonelink text from pc

This app will make your life a lot easier almost instantly.  With Fonelink you can sync your browser with the Fonelink website and your phone. What does this do for you, you ask?  Well, how about sending and receiving text messages right from your PC? Imagine how easy it will be to converse on the PC with texts that you’d usually have to break stride, pick up your phone and respond to.  This makes you more productive (and possibly distracted!).  When it starts to get in the way, simple turn it off.

13. PDF Max ($2.99)pdf max

Here it is: the best, all-access, all-feature mobile access for PDF documents. Fast-rendering, fast-texting, text-to-speech…it’s all here in this powerful little app. If you use PDF often then you will be hard pressed to find another, better performing PDF app than this one!

14. A&E (FREE)A&E app

A&E finally gives us access to the network on our Android Mobile devices. Watch free episodes and get free, exclusive access to clips of upcoming episodes. The A&E app gives you access to all of the network’s greatest shows like Duck Dynasty, Pawn Stars and Storage Wars.

15. NFL.com Fantasy 2013 (FREE)nfl.com fantasy football app

The NFL and Fantasy Football leagues are still growing in popularity. Football has taken over as the national past-time and it seems there’s no holding the league back (except for a few legal issues with star players!). Our list here is just in time for Fantasy Football leagues to start getting into everyone’s minds. What better app to use for your team roster than the official NFL Fantasy app? Are you ready?

16. VarageSale (FREE)varagesale android app

No stress. No pushers. No mass, wholesale marketers. VarageSale is a community based marketplace where users can buy and sell their wares and goods without a whole of business mumbo-jumbo. It’s a mobile garage sale on your Android device. It’s fun and allows people to steer clear of the mammoth eBay and Amazon apps if they want to shop or sell.

17. Tinder (FREE)Tinder

Tinder is a hot, new social dating app that is clean and responsible. The network will tell you who likes you nearby and give you the chance to meet real people looking for mature, responsible relationships. This isn’t a “hook-up” app. This is for the real dater. The ability to chat within the app brings like minded people together immediately.

18. Free Movies Online (FREE)free movies online

The concept is finally here from a private Android app developer! The ability to download and watch free movies on my tablet or phone? Yes, please! Great for the bored airport dweller, train or bus traveler, or even to catch a few scenes while you’re in the dentist’s waiting room. Browse by category and title or even bookmark a movie you want explore later on!

19. Sketch + Paint + Draw Pad PRO (FREE)sketch paint draw pad pro

It is amazing to see some of the art that talented people can create on a tablet or smart phone. Sketch + paint + draw Pad Pro is good for any level; from the master painter to the hobbyist who just likes to sketch a little bit here and there. You have a large choice of pencils and paintbrushes, use a vast amount of colors and then share your creations with your friends.

2o.  Signal Booster (FREE)signalbooster

Simple app with a big reward.  Ever have an issue getting a good signal on your Android phone?  How about being just a little too far away from your access point to have a good WiFi signal…especially while downloading files?  Signal Booster can help your phone boos 2G, 3G and WiFi signals so that you never have to have bad reception again.  Text and call without worry from now on!

21. Facebook Photo Save (FREE)facebook photo save

I love to find photos and images on Facebook that I’d love to save and place in other places on the web for others to see. What I absolutely HATE doing is actually trying to download those photos to my phone, then go and look for what folder they were downloaded to and figure out how to share them. It’s a long and overly-complicated process. Well, Facebook Photo save fixes that whole fiasco. You can save the photos to your mobile storage or SD card.

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