What to Expect at the September 9th Apple Event

Apple’s annual event was recently confirmed, and with the 9th less than a week away, I thought it would be wise to give a run-down of rumors and predictions to what will be released. A flurry of information will surely be leaked as the days continue, but here’s what’s going on right now.

  • iPodiPod
    Seeing as this has historically been when the iPods are updated, and the invite gives no indication to being any different, there are loads of rumors involving the iPods. Some believe that the iPod Classic will be discontinued. I think it will receive the standard upgrade of a hard drive boost (to 160 GB), while remaining the same price.
    As for the iPod Touch, the rumors abound that it will receive a camera. I’m hesitant to agree because it is one of the few features that separates it from the iPhone, but I believe we will see it added. I also think it will receive a storage boost to 64 GB.
    From leaked images of new iPod Nano cases, many also believe they will receive cameras. I don’t particularly understand the reasoning of the addition, but I could definitely see it happening. They should also see a storage bump to 32 GB, though the 8 GB model may remain at a lower price point, say just under that psychological barrier of $100.
    With the iPod Shuffle having been updated just last March, it is doubtful that we will see any changes to it. If there are, it would probably be only a price decrease.
  • Apple TV
    The Apple TV is long overdue for an update and the current rumors are that the 40 GB version will be phased out and the 160 GB version will receive a lower price. I could see that happening. But, I can also see them not even mentioning it at the event and just making the change when the Apple Store is back up.
  • iTunes
    It is very likely that we will see iTunes updated to version 9. What features it heralds are still debated though. The most likely are Blu-ray media support and visual organization of iPhone and iPod Touch apps. There is also speculation of some form of social integration, and while I would not put it past them I am hesitant to believe it.
  • iPad (Aka Apple Tablet)
    The big kahuna is the Apple Tablet, or iPad or Macbook Touch, whatever you want to call it. In my mind, I believe that we will one day see this device, but not on the 9th. This seems more like a MacWorld announcement. Yes, yes, I know they are no longer attending MacWorld, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have their own event around that time. I say we won’t see this until January at the earliest.
  • Mac
    Because it is an iPod event, I doubt we will see any changes to any Macs. However, there are rumors that the MacBook line, which currently only contains one model, will be fleshed out and receive some new models, perhaps under the $999 entry-level price, to compete with budget PC notebooks.
  • Beatles
    Every year people ask and with all the press around The Beatles Rock Band being released the same day, now is as good as time as ever. So, will we finally see the Beatles added to the iTunes Store? Probably not. Does anyone really care anymore? After all these years of waiting, is there anyone who doesn’t already have some digital copy of their library?
  • Steve Jobs
    With him having been back since June, I think it is very likely that he will if not lead the event, at least make an appearance. Don’t expect him to say anything about his absence, except perhaps a one or two-line joke.

What do you want to see updated at the event? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Published in Uncategorized on 09/06/09
  • By Thom Beck

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