This iPhone-Connected Scale Graphs and Tracks Your Progress

scaleI, for one, think that weighing scales need a redesign. The idea of checking your weight may be a hard task to handle for some, while for others with privileged genes, it’s a guilty pleasure. Still, for those of us not blessed with 20/20 vision, it is an arduous job to stand and squint so hard just to see the numbers on the scale by your feet.

Here’s one that could even charm the geek who sits all day programming and eating chips and drinking energy drinks: a weighing scale connected to your iPhone which stores, graphs, and tracks your weight and progress.

How? This well-designed weighing scale has Wi-Fi! It connects to an iPhone through its own downloadable app. The scale itself publishes the readings to the internet, records them, and you can check them anytime. It will also record these readings over time, with easy to understand graphs. Now you will readily see how fat or slim you are becoming. $180 each intelligent scale.

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