High-Tech Meets High Fashion: 13 Gadgets By Brand Name Designers

Fashion and Technology both commonly focus on innovation. Luckily for us consumers, these two worlds have been on constant dialogue these days – giving us innovative products but with design aesthetics. In what is called a blend of the ‘commercial and fantastical’, collaboration between top electronic firms and high fashion connoisseurs have proven to be an upside in both industry. We will be looking at 13 of the sought-after fashion-electronic-gadget collaborations currently available in the market.

1.  USB Sunglasses by Calvin Klein

Want to look chic while keeping your personal data safe and sound? These new sunglasses from Calvin Klein have a USB drive hidden in the arm, letting you store info and protect your eyes from UV rays at the same time.

Calvin Klein are justifying the price of these cool shades by upping it with a feature that you would otherwise find hard to even think of. A USB drive lodges in one of the arms of the frame of these cool glares. Adding to the spice are the cool lenses that can safely keep your eyes out of harms way and assure that you have 4GB of memory with you whenever the sun shines bright. There’s nothing as cool as taking your glares off and connecting them to your computer to download your songs. With 4GB storage capacity, this eyewear, which is priced at $199, is definitely a sure treat.

2. Black Diamond USB Flash Drive by Dunhill
Many people have always associated the Dunhill brand name with something much older ones wear, ranging from their clothes to their perfumes. And now it is interesting to see this company play a more refreshing role by wooing the younger generation with something more modern – a black diamond USB flash Drive. This Pave Black USB drive is s a perfect example of combination of decadent luxury and quotidian functionality. And although the base is made of oxidized sterling silver and discretely branded with the Alfred Dunhill name, what truly makes this stand out from the pack is the 272 black diamonds

On the back of the Pave Black Diamond USB, you’ll also find the small and discrete signature of Alfred Dunhill, the very effigy of luxury itself. This is one of the top 20 gifts chosen by the Dunhill house and will be available worldwide in Dunhill stores. Unfortunately, there is no price tag, but most likely we can’t afford it, the rumor goes.

3. Crystal Breeze Black Bluetooth Headset by Swarovski & Phillps
Swarovski Crystak Bluetooth by Philips
Philips’ latest offering comes layered with Swarovski crystals, and the Bluetooth headset is called Breeze. It comes in two colors, black and white, both crystal-covered Pointiage technique. The Breeze will be controllable via three buttons: a volume control button, a pairing button and a “multifunction crystal button.”

This Swarovski-stubbed headset offers 5 hours of talk time and 100 hours of standby time. It also feature the standard status LED light and USB port for charging, as well as three different sizes of ear buds, to best fit your bejeweled ear canal. Or, if you prefer a less tech-nerd look, the Breeze can be worn as a pendant on a special included necklace.

4. Meridiist Diamant Luxury Phone by Tag Heuer
The concept of a luxury mobile phone is spurious to some – but for others, even the limited technological shelf life of these masterful creations is too much to resist. Meridiist is just one Avant-Garde mobile that promises nothing but just pure luxury at its finest. When premier watchmaker Tag Heuer introduced its first Meridiist phone in 2008, it’s only a matter of time before it has its diamond make over. The new models Meridiist Diamant collection and will come in two styles with 208 diamonds or the “imperial regalia of mobile phones” with 1232 diamonds.

Just like the watches produced by Tag Heuer, the new Meridiist phone is constructed with the same quality as watches and with many of the same materials including sapphire crystal screens, high quality steel cases, and crocodile or rubber covers on parts of the watch. With the phone’s Internet connectivity, basic office applications and Bluetooth – it’s sure to suit perfectly to every executive and corporate hotshot. It also possesses a 2MP camera with an impressive mechanical shutter. This is one sweet decent phone with retail price at $6,000 will surely deliver its promise of Avant-Garde communication.

5. Samsung Luxury HDTV by Armani
Samsung Armani HDTV
After successfully collaborating with mobile phones, two giant brands Samsung and Armani once more partnered for one more promising product that is sure to put premium on HDTV design. Available in 46″ and 52, this is one sleek 1080p LCD television. It features Full HD resolution, DNIePro (Digital Natural Image engine+), 120Hz Auto Motion Plus, WiseLink and InfoLink.

Though the 1930s-inspired design LCD TV looks nothing but ordinary, this design will of course promise nothing but extraordinary. It includes a stylish remote control and a four-mode lighted power switch that customizes the Armani and Samsung logos. Initially available in Europe, Korea and Russia, it retails at $5,650 and $7,000 for the 42” and 52” models respectively.

6. “My Dior” Luxury Phone by Christian Dior

My Dior Phone by Christian Dior
Christian Dior finally brings its luxurious brand to mobile phone. Named “My Dior”, the handset comes in a clamshell form factor and has features that include a 2.6 inch internal TFT display with a QVGA resolution (240 x 320 pixels), a 2 Megapixel photo camera, a user interface designed in the spirit of Christian Dior’s products and exclusive ring tones.

The phone comes with a “My Dior,” a USB key-sized version of the main mobile phone that communicates with the mothership mobile phone via Bluetooth and clips to the outside of a bag. Christian Dior says this way you don’t have to go digging through your purse to find your phone. Currently it retails at $6,000 with a more expensive and luxurious version “Lady Dior” which prices at $26,000.

7. Crystal USB Engagement Ring Drive by Swarovski

Swarovski Crystal Engagement Ring
Who says you can’t make USB drive out of anything? The Swarovski Crystal Engagement Ring promises no diamond proposal but it’s geeky style hides a USB flash drive under the Swarovski crystal. This magnetic Swarovski sphere shaped crystal is coming in variety of sizes and cuts. From rounded to ribbed, but both so elegant and attractive, like Snow Queen jewelry.

The idea is that you’d carry your own collection of pictures, music, or whatever in your drive, while your partner carries their own collection in their drive. When joined together, the two drives can exchange files, just like the union of two people. Now you have solution, how to manage all these precious things, how to keep them safe and only for you and him. Crystal is a symbol of eternity, let these moments also is saved forever – bright and modern way to be romantic.

8. LS01 Cell Phone by Levi’s

Levis LS01 Cell Phone
Levi’s LS01 is yet another fashion mobile phone. It features a 1.8-inch LCD 260k color display, a 2 Megapixel camera, integrated music player, FM tuner, 64MB internal memory and a micro SD card slot.

The LS01 comes with an equally stylish Bluetooth handsfree it is optional however. It comes loaded with Levis branded wallpapers, screensavers and ring tones. The phone is pretty slim it measures 95 x 55 x 11 mm and weighs a mere 98 grams. Initially available in Hong Kong, it retails at $560.

9. Pink ASUS Notebook by Prada

Pink Prada ASUS Notebook
A leather-topped Prada notebook is in every girl’s wish list. This limited edition product, in collaboration with top-computer producer ASUS, is said to produce only 50 pieces with each piece of leather material personally handpicked.

Equipped with a 1.66GHz Intel Core Duo processor, 120GB Hard Drive, 4-in-1-memory card reader and 11.12 screens, this notebook promises to deliver the ASUS quality with Prada luxury. This $2,500 notebook, which weighs 3.3lb is ultraportable with tricked out leather lid and palm rests in light and dark cowhide; but Prada has outdone themselves by specking a pink leather. It comes with a complementing mouse and a stylish laptop that will surely brings luxury and exclusivity to its user.

10. Tokidoki x Fujitsu Laptop
Tokidoki, in collaboration with premiere electronic magnate Fujitsu, produced a lifebook has been billed by the company as the smallest and lightest notebook out in the market. Tokidoki is a premier fashion brand in Japan. Complemented with Tokidoki art and aesthetics by Italian Illustrator, Simone Legno, this notebook promises to be more than just a colorful design.

Intially released in Japan (with buzz generating in the US and UK) the pocket-sized mini-tablet, which packs an Intel Atom Z530 processor, a webcam, a 5.6-inch touchscreen display, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a 60GB hard drive and sports Windows Vista as its Operating System. And have I mentioned that it uses super low amount of power when compared to your average laptop, giving a firm salute to its eco-friendliness. The Lifebooks start at $1150 and are available through the Fujitsu website.

11. CK One Perfume Bottle with Speakers
Calvin Klein is typically not a name associated with gadgets, much less a gadget blog. However, Calvin Klein decided to toss in something extra with their unisex fragrance called one. The collector’s bottle of Calvin Klein’s cologne will now include a speaker as well.

The size of the speaker makes it great for sitting on your dresser or in the bathroom to play your favorite music while you’re getting ready to go to work or school. It is initially available in Sephora outlets and only prices at an affordable tag of $50 per bottle.

12. LG Prada II Cell Phone
LG Prada II
After the success of their first collaboration, LG and Prada releases its second mobile phone collaboration which promises to be more decent, stylish, sleek and pure fabulous. Its standout features include a 5MP camera, FM radio, 7.2Mbps HSDPA 850/2100 and Wi-Fi connectivity. And an improvement from it’s predecessor, it now has 3G compatibility.

The unique QWERTY keyboard available only with the new telephone is designed for maximum ease of use. The metallic feel makes it a pleasure to touch and type, complimenting the slick design aesthetic. This phone is more than just for pleasure, this is a luxury design accessory that can also compete on every level with the most technological hand held devices.

13. Palm-Z RC Plane by Ed Hardy

Who says toys can’t be branded? Top street and funk wear company continues to reinvents as the famous tattoo artist Ed Hardy collaborates to produce this hottest Remote-Control plane.

The Ed Hardy Palm-Z has easy-to-fly controls so anyone can become an expert in no time. This mini RC plane comes with a long-lasting internal rechargeable Li-Poly battery giving you a 7-minute flight time. It only takes 10 to 12 minutes to charge so you’ll be taking to the sky in no time. It has a powerful micro motor driving a geared pusher prop. It is made of tough expanded EPP Foam to withstand rough landings. The remote acts as the charger so you don’t have to worry about finding a plug. With three different channels available, you can race your friends, do formation aerobatics, and just plain have fun.

Fashion has always been part of our gadget lifestyle. I hope this list conveyed with you the latest fab collaborations out there. Hit us your comments and let me know which is in the list above is hot or not or if there are other fashion-worth gadget collaborations out there.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anjana-Avinash/1254051393 Anjana Avinash

    Totally droolable but definitely not buyable !

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anjana-Avinash/1254051393 Anjana Avinash

    Totally droolable but definitely not buyable !