21 of The Coolest VoIP and Skype Gadgets

Tired of paying for excessive phone bills? VoIP and Skype have your solution to decrease that monthly bill. Cut the cord and save money on your phone bills using VoIP technology. If you haven’t tried Skype on your computer yet, you definitely should and we have put together some gadgets that will make it much easier to do so.

Here are 21 of the coolest gadgets that have the capability to provide you with excellent VoIP, and Skype service.

1. IPEVO TR-10 Conference Phone


The TR-10 allows a user to Skype with other Skype users, landlines, or mobile phones.  Even better the TR-10 lets you communicate with all three at the same time through, the conferencing capabilities it has.  Have more than one friend? The TR-10 lets you conference up to nine additional people including yourself, hence the name TR-10.

The TR-10 can operate in both headset and speakerphone modes. A simple flip of the switch redirects the sound, and the TR-10 instantly changes into a headset.  Mobility is not a problem with this device, with it’s size being about the same as a spare toothbrush, and toothpaste, only 15cm long.  Communication with others is not all this jewel does, it also has the power to act as a high quality voice recorder for those too busy to take notes.

2. Star Trek VoIP/Skype Phone

Star Trek VOIP

Want to join the Star Trek hype? Then this is definitely the phone for you.  Proving to  be one of coolest designs to be seen in the development of Skype and VoIP phones.  The Star Trek Skype/VoIP phone works through simple USB connection, and is compatible with both Windows XP, Vista, and Mac OS X 10.5.  The Star Trek features speaker phone, volume controls, and mute.  The added special feature is the ability to produce some of your favorite Star Trek sounds and phrases.

With over 21 special sound effects, I am sure it will take awhile to get bored with this one.  Also don’t worry about having to stay directly by the computer when plugged in, the Skype phone features a 6 foot USB connection cable which can give you a little freedom to roam.  This is definitely a keeper for all the Star Trek fans out there.

3. iRiver’s Wave Home

iRiver Wave Home

Looking for something that can do a little more than just the usual VoIP or voice recording? iRiver’s Wave Home not only does VoIP, but it also many other multimedia functions.  It contains a 7″ LCD screen, and a wireless headset that not only does the duties of an average headset, but can be used as remote to control the Wave Home Station.   The gadget comes packed with a 1.3 megapixel camera, this will come in handy when you want to participate in a video chat.  The list of impressive features doesn’t stop there.

Want to surf the web? iRiver’s Wave Home has it covered, along with taking pictures, playing music, and providing a host of useful widgets.  Interested in the weather? Your covered. Traffic, news? Your covered.  The list can only continue to grow with the capabilities of this multimedia masterpiece, iRiver continues to impress those looking for multimedia units for VoIP communication.  The estimated price is rumored to be around $400 and should come out sometime this year.  Sadly this gadget only does VoIP but they are looking to offer a service like Skype.

4. Verizon Hub

Verizon VOIP Hub

The Verizon Hub is the first major release of a multimedia unit from the leaders in telecommunication.  The Verizon Hub gives you the ability to use your normal broadband connection to place calls, minus the usual charge.  This gadget gives you unlimited nationwide calling, automatic anonymous call rejection, and scheduled call forwarding.

Of course the Verizon Hub comes packed with multimedia essentials.

  • Messaging
  • Movies
  • VCast
  • Traffic
  • Chaperone (for those with Children, or maybe your spouse.)
  • Calendar

As you can see in the photo, the Verizon Hub features a beautiful high resolution screen, to make using it a little easier on the eyes.  Verizon has set themselves up for a future of profitability, if the Verizon Hub gains popularity.

5. Jailbroken Apple iPhone

The do it all iPhone could not be left off the list of available Skype/VoIP gadgets.  Currently on non jail broken phones the Skype app only works over a WiFi connection.  A few have however figured out how to escape the clutches of AT&T and Apple, and now have the ability to make Skype calls over the 3G network for free to other Skype users.  Using the iPhone on the WiFi network of non jail broken iPhones has worked well.  However AT&T is fearful that users will downgrade to cheaper plans, and take advantage of Skype if they allow the use of it over the 3G network.

If a handy solution can be found to efficiently use Skype over the 3G network AT&T will be in big trouble and users everywhere can rejoice.  This would drastically reduce the price of your monthly phone bill.  Also many have said the sound quality can be better on Skype, than that of calls placed over AT&T networks.

6. AiGuru U1


This sleek and simple Skype phone works seamlessly with the ASUS EeePC.  No need for a driver download, just plug and play.  Allows multiple ring tones and has an easy user interface.  Comes with a built in noise filter to make Skype’s sound quality as clear as a conventional phone.  The AiGuru is only 11.8mm thick, and comes in this clean pearl white finish with a white LCD backlight also.  This is probably one of your best bets if your operating on the Linux operating system.

7. Polycom VVX 1500


If you are in need of something more business oriented then the Polycom VVX 1500 is your answer. This gadget has a sleek office feel to it and is sure to fit in nicely on most professional work spaces.  Built with an integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch for easy use, when your ready to make VoIP calls.  Comes backed with a nice responsive touch screen that allows you to easily place calls or participate in business grade video conferencing.  Tired of bending over so you can be seen in the camera? Let the camera come to you, the VVX 1500 provides and adjustable camera that can bring the camera to eye level.

Not only does the Polycom VVX 1500 provide efficient phone service it also reduces your carbon footstep by being powered under 11W.  While not being an electricity hog it still has the ability to turn your phone into a digital photoframe when not in use.  When the day is over and your not in the office the automatic motion sensor can automatically put the phone into power save mode for you.

8. AiGuri SV1

This was the first certified Skype videophone, that is easy enough to use, that even grandma can speak to you without the complications.  Loaded with an arsenal of features, 7-inch LCD screen, VGA web camera, and of course it works over 802.11 b/g WiFi.  If the power goes out and you still need to Skype some how this nifty gadget has it covered, allowing it to operate for up to 20 minutes on battery power.

While looking futuristic, this gadget remains insanely simple to use and will not scare those from generations past away from joining the Skype revolution.  The AiGuru SV1 can be found on Amazon for around $260.

9. Ooma Hub

Ooma Hub

As of late the Ooma has gained a lot of ground, in the world of VoIP phones.  Technically the Ooma does not work in the ways of a traditional VoIP.  The sound from the Ooma is suppose to be light years better than that of the traditional VoIP, they reserve bandwidth for your calls so that the quality is better.  The Ooma is outfitted with a clean modern design that is sure to please any contemporists taste.  The set up for the Ooma is rather simple, so have no fear if your thinking about getting your grandparents one of these gadgets.

Has location service for 911 and if you want the option to occasionally use a landline the Ooma gives you that option also.  Built in broadband voicemail and online call log. If you don’t do faxes or run a home alarm system then you should have no problem running the Ooma.  The Ooma can be purchased on Amazon for about $299 or less, and just think of all the money you will save over the years.

10. Ooma Telo

Ooma Telo

Looking for something a little more advanced than the original Ooma? Then the Telo has you covered, unlike the original Ooma this one comes outfitted with a sleek headset.  Contains all the features of the original Ooma and then some.  Offers high-def DECT 6.0 voice, which should be music in the ears of those that are not satisfied with the quality of the current VoIP phones.  The kit can be expanded to include multiple headsets, and a connected phone book with the option to have musical ring tones.  Somehow the Telo is planning on integrating cell phones into the usage of VoIP.  This should be an interesting feature once all the kinks are fixed with that one.  So if you want the highest quality calls available on VoIP then save up for this jewel.

11. Asus Eee Keyboard M50


Most keyboards simply plug into your computer via USB and input commands.  Not this one think again, it comes packed with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom microprocessor, 1GB of DDR2 DRAM, 16GB or 32GB SSD.  Also don’t think your just going to connect via USB to this keyboard, it comes with built in Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.0, Wide HDMI USB 2.0×2, VGA, HDMI, headphone and mic ports.  With all these ways to connect you have a keyboard capable of running Skype and VoIP.  Simply plug in a mic, headphones and possibly a VGA camera and your keyboard just became one of the coolest gadgets available to use Skype or VoIP on.

12. Rimax Mystic

Rimax Mystic

By day this gadget operates as an MP3 and at night suddenly transforms into a VoIP phone.  Simply plug it in to the computer via USB and your MP3 player instantly transforms into a VoIP phone.  The Mystic has a full color 1.5″ screen and you can choose between 512 MB, 1GB, or 2GB of memory.  It has a built in recorder so need to remember something really fast just say it into the Rimax, you can also preset up 20 FM radio stations, or if that is not good enough you can record directly from the radio.  Some may say it is simply another device that can plug into your computer and be used with a VoIP application, but not many things can be taken away from the computer and carry music all while giving you that option.

13. Nokia N97
Nokia N97

Don’t think the iPhone is the only available cell phone that can do Skype, the Nokia N97 is going to give the iPhone some competition.  The Nokia N97 will give its user the ability to talk via Skype, which would save you from eating up so many cell phone minutes.  It also comes packed with a 5Megapixel camera, which would make it one of the best phone/camera duos on the market today.  The N97 also has the option to work on a 3.5G network, where available and if you could manipulate it to run Skype over this 3.5G network you would surely be in business.  Large telecommunication networks are very fearful that allowing Skype on this machine could lead to more trouble in the future.  Be on the look out for this gadget sometime in June.

14. Phillips VoIP841

Philips VOIP

The Phillips VoIP841 phone uses Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) frequency, and it allows you to plug into a PTSN landline or use your existing broadband connection to make calls via Skype.  In addition to this you can  make and recieve calls via your traditional phone line also.  The base station you see it coupled with runs on a Linux based system.  The Phillips VoIP841 gives you the option to have four different ring types for Skype, SkypeIn, landline or the intercom.  The handset gives you the ability to save up to 500 Skype contacts.  If you have the lungs to talk for 12 hours the VoIP841 has you covered.  The punch line for this phone is that it is a standalone Skype phone that does not require the use of a PC to run Skype.

15. Spracht Aura Mobile BT

Aura BT

When you get sick of dealing with cables and cords, this is your go to man.  The Spracht is a multifunctional bluetooth speaker phone, so you dont have to live with something plastered to your head all the time.  When in need of a higher quality speakerphone for your use with VoIP this gadget can wirelessly connect to your computer, and provide top notch quality sound.  Comes with built in noise-reduction and echo-cancellation, has up to 4hrs of talk time and can be had for about $100.

16. Symbio


Not only does the Symbio have a cool design, it has the ability to play internet radio and provide wireless DECT calls.  A built in phonebook that can hold up to 200 contacts and you can see your 50 most recent calls.  Tired of old ringtones, well this gadget gives you the option to set up HiFi ringtones.  Sends SMS text messages and provides HD sound.  The radio is not average, comes with two high quality speakers that provide you clear digital broadcast, and if you get tired and fall asleep it has a built in radio alarm clock that will surely come in handy.  The variety of the available radio stations is not a problem and allows you to store up to ten of your favorites for a later date.  So if modern design and great functionality is your thing then this VoIP phone might have a spot in your living domain.

17. Digital Cowboy Old Tyme VoIP Phone

Digital Cowboy

If keeping things retro is your forte then this VoIP phone can keep you from escaping to far into the future.  A simply design that reminds you of those classic phones from our past, this VoIP is simply to use, and might fool some into believing you have an antique in your possession.   If your the type that does not mind not knowing who is calling then you won’t mind the lack of a caller ID.  This may not be a time machine but at least it can make you feel somewhat in the past.  Allows dialing with the rotary dial and for about $50 you can have Skype working to perfection on your ageless “antique”.

18. Tatung VoIP


The Tatung is the ultimate luxury when it comes to Skype/VoIP phones, the design on this gadget looks like it belongs in a modern museum.  This is one of the best looking Skype/VoIP phones out there designed by Nova Design.  They are sure to capture the hearts of many gadget lovers with this beauty, it features bluetooth, wireless and a touch pad design.  This gadget has all the connectivity you need to get your VoIP and Skype rolling, and no unnecessary extras to make it bulky.  The Tatung has been rumored to be ready for mass production but until then it would be like getting a rare piece of art to own one of these rare beauties.

19. A4 Tech Internet Phone Keyboard

This reliable keyboard comes with a headset phone that allows you to place calls anywhere via VoIP.  Outfitted with a built in digital sound card for easy use with microphones and headphones if the headset is not the route you want to take.  Lets you dial for free to any other Skype user in the world and has an ergo design to help with wrist problems should you need to type.  Don’t let the look fool you this keyboard is anything but bulky, has a sleek design minimalist design, and takes up less space than most traditional keyboard.  So if you just want to purchase a keyboard and get a nicely design Skype phone for free this is the gadget for you.

20. IPEVO S0-10W


IPEVO is known for making some of the best designed Skype phones on the market today and this one is no exception.  The S0-10W has  beautiful professional design that would please those looking for a Skype headset for the office.  Comes with a nice 2.4″ screen that should be enough to let you know who is calling and alert you of other necessary actions.  Has support for both Ethernet connections and wireless, and don’t worry about the set up being difficult in minutes you can have access to all available Skype functions.  The S0-10W can be purchased for around $170.

21. Callpod Drone Bluetooth

Callpod Drone

This small gadget instantly turns your bluetooth headset into Skype’s best friend.  No need to buy a separate headset just plug this jewel into your computer and magic your bluetooth headset can instantly start being used to communicate via Skype or on VoIP.  So why waste the extra dollars on more equipment when your current equipment can provide you the same service as some leading Skype/VoIP phones.

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    I am new to this blog and i am truly amazed at some of the gadgets that are present throughout the site.

  • http://www.whirlpoolbathrooms.co.uk whirlpool baths

    I am new to this blog and i am truly amazed at some of the gadgets that are present throughout the site.