The Apple iBangle: The Next Generation iPod Shuffle?

Check out new concept design for an Apple mp3 player. It is called the iBangle and it is unique as well as ground breaking. It’s shares a few similarities with the iPod Shuffle like no screen and it has some other really cool features.

First of all, you will never drop the iBangle. You see that inner blue band? Just press the blue button on the side and it fills up with air, expanding to fit snugly on your wrist. Hit the blue button again and it will release the air.

Ear buds with the annoying cords won’t be found here, as the audio is transmitted via wireless ear buds. There’s a multi-touch track pad for easy navigation. It also has a few additional buttons for music control. Although the iBangle doesn’t have a screen, designer Gopinath Prasana figures you can navigate just fine with it’s audio-oriented navigation system.

The iBangle is not in production yet, but if it does come out I think it will be a hot item. Just be ready to pay a pretty penny for a musical bracelet.

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  • Niel

    I think apple is in cahoots with aliens! They are so far ahead of everyone else out there!!