Custom Lego Creations: 15 Crazy Gadgets Made Using Lego

I am sure most of you can relate to playing with a Lego set at one time or another, and you can remember feeling proud after making something cool out of them. Well if that was the amateurs, these Lego creations you are about to see are the big leagues.

Check out these 15 amazing Lego creations probably over shadow anything most have us have ever made.

  1. The Automatic Lego Rubber Band Chain Gun

    As the video shows, this automatic rubber band gun is made out of Legos. This 8 barrel chain gun can fire a whopping 11 rounds (rubber bands) per second. It has a 64 shot capacity, but I bet reloading must be a pain in the neck. [ Source ]

  2. The Lego Flamethrower

    Yes this is a real, working, flamethrower made with Legos. It has a butane tank, and as you can see in the video, the flame gets pretty big. [ Source ]

  3. The Lego Car Automatic Assembly Line

    This assembly line is made out of Legos, and it can automatically assemble complete Lego cars.

  4. The Laser Guided Lego Rocket Launcher

    This laser guided Lego creation pinpoints four different targets and fires at them one by one.

  5. The Wii Sports Playing Lego Robot

    This Wii playing Lego Mindstorms robot can supposedly bowl a perfect game. Don’t believe it? Check out the video and see for yourself. [ Source ]

  6. The Full Size Lego Volvo XC90

    This full sized Volvo XC90 SUV was created by Lego Model Master Builders for Legoland in California. It was made to show the commitment that Lego and Volvo have to safety and family. [ Source ]
  7. The Lego Nintendo Entertainment System Case

    This whole NES case has been made using purely Legos. There are no screws holding things in place, just simply Legos fitted together. Even the power and reset buttons have been replaced with Legos. [ Source ]
  8. The Lego Crossbow

    This crossbow is not only made out of Legos, but it can fire a Lego brick about 20 yards away. It is a semi-automatic, pump action crossbow that can hold up to 5 shots. [ Source ]
  9. A 20-Foot Long Lego Battle Cruiser

    This huge Lego Battle Cruiser by Ed Diment features over 100,000 Lego pieces. It also has 4 motorized gun turrets and it is so large that he has to store in sections because it wont fit in one room. [ Source ]
  10. The 35mm Lego Camera

    This Lego camera has a winding feature allowing you to use standard 35mm film. For those of you wondering if this takes real pictures, here are some photos taken by using a Lego camera. [ Source ]
  11. The Working Lego Pinball Machine

    13 Lego Mindstorms computers were used to create this functional Lego pinball machine. It keeps track of your scores, and it even has a high score list. [ Source ]
  12. The Singapore Airlines Lego Airbus A380

    This is said to be the largest Lego airplane in the world, and it was made over a period of 600 hours using 75,000 Legos. [ Source ]
  13. The Automatic Lego Book Scanner

    This Lego book scanner will automatically flip through a book page by page and scan its contents. [ Source ]

  14. The Lego Harpsichord

    This is a playable harpsichord made of Legos. With the exception of the wires, this harpsichord is completely constructed using Legos. The “keyboard, jacks, jack rack, jack rail, plectra, soundboard, bridge, hitch pins, tuning pins, wrestplank, nut, case, legs, lid, lid stick, and music stand” are all made of interlocking Lego pieces. [ Source ]
  15. The Working Lego Mac Computer

    This Lego Mac was built using an old Powerbook 5300, and obviously a large amount of Legos. It was so popular that it was even covered by BBC news.[ Source ]
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  • Published in General on 10/21/08
  • By Mustafa A.

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