11 Awesome Sci-Fi Gadgets You Wish You Could Get Your Hands On

You know you have been watching a sci-fi movie or TV show that you like, and you catch yourself thinking about what you would do if you got a hold of a killer gadget like the Lightsaber from Star Wars or the Green Goblin’s Glider from Spider Man.

Today we take a look at some of the hottest gadgets from your favorite sci-fi shows and movies that you wish you could get your hands on. Enjoy.

  1. The Goblin Glider from Spider Man

    In Spider Man, this Goblin Glider from Oscorp was created under a military contract. It was used by Harry Osborn, Aka the Green Goblin, along with the Goblin Suit he developed. It allowed him to fly effortlessly around at high speeds while his feet stayed securely attached to the glider. Spider Man 3 will feature a new version of the glider known as the Sky Stick.
  2. The Lighsaber

    You know you can remember thinking to yourself about what you would do if you had your own Lightsaber, like the ones in Star Wars. I don’t know if something like this would ever be possible, but its ok to dream sometimes.
  3. The Neuralizer from Men In Black

    The Neuralizer from Men In Black allowed MIB agents to wipe someones memory and replace them with new beliefs and ideas about what they think they heard, saw or experienced. If you could get your hands on one of these, as you can imagine, the possibilities are endless.
  4. The Hologram Messaging System from Star Wars

    I know something like this has been shown in other movies besides Star Wars, but you would think that something like this would be in works in some research facility by now considering that is 2008. Forget video calls, I want 3d hologram messaging.
  5. The Minority Report Surface Gestural Computer

    The computer used by Tom Cruise in Minority Report must have had like at least a Terabyte of RAM considering how fast he used it. It could be controlled using hand gestures. I know some of you may think of Microsoft’s surface computer when you see this, but that is not even close to what the one in Minority Report appeared to be capable of.
  6. Kitt from Knight Rider

    Lets see here. A really fast car with artificial intelligence and the ability to drive autonomously? Yeah, I’ll take 3 and I am sure you would probably love to have one too. It was called KITT and it was essentially an advanced supercomputing robot on wheels. The newest KITT is built off of a Shelby Cobra.
  7. The Matrix Upload Ability

    So say you wanted to learn kung-fu. No problem, just let me pop in a disk real quick, and upload it straight to your brain. Now you are a kung-fu master, just like that. No this isn’t reality (yet) but in the Matrix, it allowed Neo and others to easily ‘learn’ skills like how to fly an army helicopter in just seconds.
  8. Bumble Bee from Transformers

    Imagine buying a beat up old Chevy and finding out that your car is actually capable of transforming into an Autobot and fighting off Decepticons. It even transformed into a brand new 2009 Camaro after Mikaela calls it a “piece of crap Camaro.” Talking about getting a deal on a car.
  9. The Jetsuit from IronMan

    This jetsuit allowed Iron Man to fly faster than fighter jets, while being much more capable to maneuver in ways that aren’t physically possible with conventional aircraft. All while being bullet proof, and armed to the teeth. Put me on the waiting list.
  10. The LifeMenu Remote from Clicked

    Does someone you know talk to much? Mute them. Does your job suck, and your day at work go by really slow? Press fast forward and speed through it. In Clicked, Adam Sandler realized that there were drawbacks to fast forwarding through life, but I think we would all still like to get our hands on one of these remote controls anyway.
  11. The Shrink Ray from Honey I Shrunk The Kids

    I know he accidentally shrunk his kids in the movie, but imagine the other applications for the Shrink Ray… Picture a home security system which shrunk a 6′ 10″ burglar down to the size of a bug, making him much more easier to deal with. Just grab your fly swatter.
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  • Published in General on 10/14/08
  • By Mustafa A.

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