19 Really Cool Gadgets for Your Office or Cubicle

The office can be a cold, hard, unfeeling, life-sucking place to spend your working days, but then again you don’t have to live in Dilbertsville.  For all the stigma surrounding “the office,” you’re getting unique opportunities to interact with people and your environment in between filing TPS reports.

Here are 19 gadgets that will help to turn that day job prison into a techy heaven!

  1. Newton’s USB Cradle

    A new take on an old office classic, the USB Newton’s Cradle from Boynq gracefully suspends 4 USB cables aloft like the classic Newton’s cradle, affording you great functionality in a slick form factor.
  2. The Stealth Switch – Tap It With Your Foot To Hide Your Games or MySpace Windows At Work

    What fun would work be without a little procrastination?  This foot pedal attaches to your Windows machine and sits on the floor while you play your games or browse around, carefully avoiding your work.  If the boss walks into the room, simply stomp the pedal and it will hide your troublesome open windows!  You can snag one now for $39.95.

  3. Nappak – Portable Sleeping Cube

    A well rested employee is a productive employee.  Either that or they’re just lazy!  Either way, this portable sleeping cube dubbed the Nappak is sure to provide some peaceful office Z’s for those who need it.  Hey, it works for Google!
  4. USB Coffee Warmer
    Technological convergence can be a great thing.  For those of you who require their caffeine fix, this little USB-powered hot plate is your newest best friend.  While it won’t bring your cup o’ joe (or favorite tea) to a bubbling boil, it will keep it nice and warm around 104° F right next to your computer!
  5. Carpet Skates

    These were too funny not to include!  Just slip these guys over your shoes and their sheer surfaces will reduce the friction enough to allow you to glide at blinding speed across your office carpet! Late for that 3 o’clock meeting on the other side of the floor?  No problem any more! Note: Speed skating/ninja suit not included, though strange glances from your coworkers are something you’ll be sure to attract.  (Of course, you’re productivity will probably skyrocket as well, so you’ll have the last laugh at your mid-year review!)
  6. USB Beverage Chiller
    USB ports are a great thing and should be put to use!  Maybe the beverage warmer above isn’t your, ahem, cup of tea.  In that case, why not cool down with this USB Beverage Chiller.  It’s guaranteed to keep your favorite drink at a nice, frosty 45° F.
  7. Optimus Popularis – A Keyboard With LCD Keys


    After a long period if use, the standard office keyboard can become a pretty boring thing to look at.  Well you can just get this guy and you will have the hottest keyboard in your office. Each key on this keyboard is actually and LCD screen and it allows you to customize each one to fit your preferences.

  8. myKey0 Keyboard and Stash Box
    Maybe cleanliness isn’t your primary concern when it comes to picking a keyboard.  But perhaps the office is a bit cramped?  No worries, the myKey0 Keyboard comes with an added tray underneath for easy storage of all your desktop essentials.
  9. Babble Voice Privacy – Stops Eavesdroppers
    An interesting concept for sure, the Babble Voice Privacy system is comprised of a base unit and two speakers which emit a prerecorded track and white noise, to cancel out your confidential conversations that the overeager ears of your coworkers wish to eavesdrop on.
  10. USB Tape Dispenser Hub
    You can never have too many USB ports, so why not stick them into what has become a staple (no pun intended) in nearly every office worldwide?  The best part?  Since your USB tape dispenser hub is tethered to your computer, it’s virtually guaranteed to never leave your desk!
  11. Portable Office Workstation
    This modular station has got some really great functionality built in.  What happens is that the unit starts out as a big, draggable block on rollers.  Lock it in place and unfold it to reveal space for two fully loaded workstations with plenty of storage space.  Instant modular workstations – perfect!
  12. The Three Stage Cubicle Security System

    This security system for your office or cubicle is equipped with a motion sensor. First it flashes and sounds a siren. Then it sends a signal to the second stage which is a louder alarm. The third stage is then triggered and it will fire two foam missiles at the intruder.

  13. Office Multitool
    You’ll suddenly find yourself in Milton’s predicament as everyone drools over your stapler… and scissors, measuring tape, paper-clip holder and calculator that are all wrapped up in one handy multitool.  If they only sold it in red…
  14. Bright Blinds
    Not everyone gets the glorious office in the corner with the big windows.  Natural selection (or nepotism, depending on how you look at it) in the workplace will often mean that the higher-ups get the best view.  However, that doesn’t mean that you have to do without.  These Bright Blinds mimic the look of a well lit window and give your office that bright, gentle, diffuse glow.  Now if they made these with full spectrum lighting, then you’d really be mimicking outdoor light!
  15. Aeron’s Ultimate Self-Adjusting Office Chair
    If you’re going to spend hours on your kiester in front of a computer, you might as well be comfortable.  Other office chairs require you to make adjustments every time you move.  This chair adjusts for you.  Each section of the chair is designed to adjust with your body to help you maintain good posture.  Counterweights provide appropriate resistance to prevent back pain.  Neat!
  16. The Webble
    Your chair already has wheels, so why keep your feet stationary?  This skateboard-looking device dubbed the “Webble,” from Yanko Design is described as the world’s first active footrest.  This wheelie cushion is covered in a tough membrane and rolled on four casters for omni-directional turning.  It’s currently available for $139.95.
  17. High Dexx USB Flash Drives
    Executives: consider this as your next corporate gift.  Designed to be ordered in bulk, this group of seemingly innocuous cubes contains three highlighters and one USB flash drive.  Capacities of up to 2 GB are available, making it perfect for carting around documents and other important files.
  18. Ubiko, the Corporate Robot

    UBIX, a Japanese company, has built this guy, nicknamed Ubiko.  While he is no astromech droid, Ubiko is designed to serve in corporate environments and perform specific tasks like welcoming clients and promoting products.  The robot speaks and also responds to voice commands.  How soon until everyone’s jobs are replaced by robots?  Not too soon, I hope.  It would be tough to do that anyway, seeing as a 2 hour rental costs nearly $1000.
  19. USB Humidifier with Aromatherapy

    This USB powered humidifier generates cool, moisturized air to help you breathe easier at work. It also has an aromatherapy option which means you’ll have the best smelling space at work.

Thanks for checking out our list of 19 Really Cool Gadgets for Your Office or Cubicle.  We hope you enjoyed it! (on your own spare time, not the company’s, right?)  Do you have any really cool gadgets in your office that you want to share?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  • http://www.imhighblood.com ericb

    Great list of wannahaves! #15 & # 16 are my favorites..but I’m definitely gonna buy #2..sneaky sneaky!!;)

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    Hey great list! I would consider buying some of these. Thank you!

  • Tyler Lanphear

    I would totally love the security, as I would probably buy two and place one set on each side, doubling the amount of suffering by all of the unsuspecting co-workers.

  • pieman

    What a load of crap!
    The blind thing is the only idea that isn’t just pampering a load of bored wankers that need to get a life.

  • Katina

    Awesome! Where can i find those?

  • Doc

    Something that pumps out moisture and another that holds beverages that is electrically connected to my computer? Brilliant! What could possibly go wrong?? Though I am going to go check my employees desks for that foot pedal.

  • http://www.2getitnow.com Tommy

    You would need to be seriously paranoid to get the “Babble Voice Privacy”.

  • Christina

    Fun List. Some silly, some practical, some a BAD Idea! The stealth peddle is fantastic – my boss would never know! The multi-tool would make the perfect office secret santa present! (Plus great for the briefcase!)

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    Fantastic stuff, though I would like to know how much that office chair costs!

  • Ali McAlpine

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  • http://Zumeo.com Mat

    Love the office ninja, we need one of those around the zumeo.com offices… oh look at that, I just solved my Halloween what-to-wear quandary.

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    i actually want to buy that shizz.

  • http://www.medyum.gen.tr/ medyum

    I would totally love the security, as I would probably buy two and place one set on each side, doubling the amount of suffering by all of the unsuspecting co-workers.

  • http://www.medyum.gen.tr/ medyum

    I would totally love the security, as I would probably buy two and place one set on each side, doubling the amount of suffering by all of the unsuspecting co-workers.