The 17 Hottest Steampunk Computer Creations

Even though it is often relegated to the realm of Geekdom, there is something enchanting about steampunk creations.  Best described as looking like something straight out of a Jules Verne novel, the trend rails against the clean lines and smooth surfaces present in so much of our modern lives and trades them up for an ornate style reminiscent of the Victorian era.  And wouldn’t you know it, there are some insanely creative artisan casemodders and computer enthusiasts out there who have a passion for all things steampunk.

Today, we’re compiling a list of the top steampunk computer creations for your viewing pleasure, and by the end, your computer might end up just looking a little dull in comparison.

  1. Steampunk Flat-Panel LCD Mod

    Jake Von Slatt is arguably the premiere Steampunk casemodder online today.  His creations are both beautiful and functional, and he documents the entire process for many of his mods on his website, The Steampunk Workshop.
  2. The Steamputer

    The Steamputer looks a bit like an artifact from a sunken submarine, with it’s green tint that reminds me of rusted copper.  The devil is in the details though, and as you get up close you notice the clever little bits put in here and there, like the piping all in the back of the monitor and the gears at the top of the keyboard.
  3. Victorian All-In-One PC
    Another masterpiece from Jake Von Slatt, the Victorian All-In-One PC is quite possibly the most detailed piece in this showcase.  In true DIY spirit, the PC runs Kubuntu and puts your clunky gray Gateway to shame.
  4. The Opti-Transcripticon Flatbed Scanner

    More creative naming from Datamancer, the Opti-Transcripticon is actually a full blown functional flatbed scanner lovingly transformed into an epic leather bound tome. It’s the perfect custom accessory to any steampunk computer station!
  5. The Telecalculograph
    This impressive case is reminiscent of a furnace, what with it’s gaggle of gauges and piping  And yes, the furnace does actually light up.  What’s more impressive is that johnny5rd created this beast with  $70 and two months of time with little more than a dremel and drill.  Be sure to check out the full flickr gallery, linked above.
  6. The Nagy Magical-Movable-Type Pixello-Dynamotronic Computational Engine™

    If nothing else, you have to give steampunk enthusiasts credit for creative naming conventions.With all the hype these days being about portability, for instance the upsurge in UMPCs and the recent MacBook Air ad campaign, you can forget that a computer can even remain stationary.  Datamancer makes sure you don’t forget that little detail by transforming a computer into a big honking piece of furniture that you’d probably need multiple people to move.  But in all seriousness, this is a beautiful mod that turns what was once a regular, mass-produced computer into a full blown functional corner of the house, a base station for communication!  This one is still in the works though.  Expect further refinement as Datamancer draws upon completeion of the project.
  7. Absinthetic
    This box from Ryan Sawyer is grandly designed with impressive and intricate illustrations all along the outside, evoking the care and craftsmanship of years bygone.  Good work, Ryan!
  8. The Kowal Portable Typewrite and Adding Machine

    Created by Mary Robinette Kowal, this slick laptop is perhaps the easiest to replicate because the majority of it is created by using stickers!  Luckily for you, she documents the entire process on her own blog, so you can make your own inspired creations to help you stand out from the crowd!
  9. Dave Veloz’s Mac Mini Mod, Monitor, & Keyboard

    This particular piece was a labor of love – literally.  Dave Veloz made this absolutely beautiful set for his fiancee and the results are stunning.  Get a good look at that Mac Mini!

  10. Jules Verne Casemod
    This case by Jon Valjean looks like it’s been ripped straight from Captain Nemo’s Nautilus, or more recently, from Bioshock’s underwater dystopian city of Rapture.  Excellent work!
  11. PC Brewery
    This particular mod comes all the way from Russia and is a bit more functional than your typical PC.  That’s right, it can dispense you a cold one (or is it a warm one because of all the internal heat?) during your 8 hour WoW marathon sessions.  But in all seriousness, why aren’t major PC manufacturers capitalizing on this concept?
  12. Motorized Madness

    You’re going to want to see this mod by Renderdaman in action for yourself.
  13. Gorgeous Handcarved Steampunk PC
    This is perhaps one of the most ornate casemods out there, a fact that is attested to by it being hand carved out of a wooden case.  The entire worklog is in the link above, but it might not serve you very well unless you speak Russian.
  14. The Bug

    You might have noticed that many of these PC’s lack appropriate accessories.  That’s where The Bug comes in.  Simply put, The Bug is a steampunk mouse to go along with your steampunk PC.  It’s hefty for sure, crafted from excess pins and bobs and gears.  It also plugs into any USB 2.0 port and works just like you would expect a mouse to.
  15. Datamancer’s Steampunk Laptop
    Designed to look like a Victorian Music Box, this beauty is really a HP ZT100 on the inside.  Golden gears are layered on the top of the box, and the machine turns on when you turn the key.  This box also runs Linux and even better, the removable wireless card doubles as a ball-point pen well.  Be sure to check out the full link above for even more pictures of this amazing creation.
  16. Japanese Steampunk Laptop
    Believe it or not, this is a fully functional laptop complete with typewriter-styled keyboard and a Morse-key trackball.  Althought it looks bulky, the handle on the front reassures us that it is portable, in that original Compaq Portable kind of way.
  17. Deep Sea PC

    Let’s face it – you don’t get much more steampunk than sticking a computer into an old diving suit helmet.  This is way too cool and was one of the competetors in Germany’s 2005 casemodding contest.

Steampunk, if nothing else, is an interesting artistic premise that looks to remix the past and the present into something altogether ethereal and spectacular.  We hope you’ve enjoyed this post on the Hottest Steampunk Computer Creations.  Got any more to add to the list?  We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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    Crazy cases!

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    That’s pretty amazing. I like the old school style laptops. Very talented!

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    Bloody hell those are brilliant. My girlfriend is going to get a kick out of these. We might even try our own hand at making one; certainly have enough computers fer it.

  • Jaidev Jamwal

    This is awesome
    Wish I had the brains and resources to do that kind of stuff

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