The Tetra T-Pad: A Really Tough, Rugged Smart Phone

Ever wonder what will happen if a smartphone swallowed steroids for breakfast? Give a big round of applause to the Tetra T-Pad, a hunk of a smartphone.

The muscle is not just for looks, this phone is really really tough. That is really important, since it will make up for the plain built-for-war look.  The T-Pad boasts shock proof, IP65 waterproof casing, and a keypad that resists dust, debris, and any other matter.

The specifications are pretty good. You’ll get VGA resolution display, Intel’s Xscale 400MHz CPU, 64MB of SDRAM and WIndows CE. Net 4.2  Connectivity is provided include Bluetooth, USB, and optional WiFi/GPS.

Unfortunately, the special specifications are going to cost you. How much? A staggering US$2,592.

But if you really like the idea using just one phone for your lifetime, this is the ideal choice for now.

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