This 4MM Thick Pico-Sized USB Stick Can Carry 8GB of Data

The only thing I remember when using floppy disk in the good old days was how fragile it is. I have to handle it very carefully so that it won’t bend and can’t be used. How time flies, and everything just got smaller and tougher.

This ultra small USB drive is possibly world’s smallest 8GB USB memory. It’s almost the same size as my pinky, with a thickness of less than 4mm. It’s so small that I presume many people will lose it.

The polished chrome finish is pretty handsome, but the most welcome addition is that it is shock and water resistant, meaning you need not to worry about accidentally breaking it.

Here are some of the details

  • Dimension : 31.3mm x 12.4mm x 3.4mm
  • Speed: 200x, 30MB/second
  • Compatibility: Mac, Windows and Linux

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