15 Dazzling Multi Monitor Setups You Wish You Were Viewing This With [Pics]

If you have ever used a computer that had more than one monitor or a computer with a very big monitor attached to it, it’s hard to go back to using just one little monitor.

Now imagine using one of the huge gigantic multi monitor setups below. Going back to even two or three monitors would feel extremely small in comparison.

  1. Uber L33t Quake 3 Pro that Pwns N00bs

    Another creation from the Giga Pixel Lab. Welcome to scary twenty-four monitor Quake 3! The system is driven by 12 Linux servers using Distributed Multihead X and Chromium software. We’re betting that its pretty easy to see the enemy coming in this one.

  2. Fifty 21″ Monitor Display Solution from GigaPixel Labs

    This massive wall of fifty 21″ displays is from the Giga Pixel Lab at Virginia Tech. Each display is touch capable, thus the shiny appearance. 25 Shuttle PCs are used as a cluster to drive this massive display, with a total resolution of 65,536,000 pixels (65.5 Mega Pixels). We’re not entirely sure what anyone would do with such a monster, but it sure is a good way to ask for an increase on your research grant (cough!).

  3. Twelve 30″ Monitors for the Home Office

    Tired of that blank wall in front of your desk? Why not mount twelve 30inch Dell monitors to it, then whenever you’re feeling bored you could surf the web on 4 monitors whilst you use the rest as an aquarium screen saver to relax…

  4. Ultra High Resolution Multi-Projector VR System

    This amazing high-resolution training system is owned by the US Military at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. Built by Lockheed Martin (more like E.T., check out the name), it uses “Mersive Sol Server” technology to seamlessly combine the images from multiple projectors onto a large single curved display. You’ll never miss a shot again.

  5. A 30 Display System for the Masses

    This collosal “available for the masses” 30 monitor system is 9X Media’s top-end model. The supportive stand can hold just 2 monitors or if you’re feeling rich, up to 30 displays. 9X Media says that its meant for personal use and is an ergonomic solution. (Huh?)

  6. 9 Rear-Projection Displays for Warcraft 2

    Researchers at Virginia Tech have been busy working on multi-monitor gaming interfaces (and also playing a bit of Warcraft 2). What you see here is an acrylic screen with 9 HD Projectors behind it, projecting 9 seamlessly joined images onto the acrylic. The resolution is 3840×2160 and you can see the entire map at one go.

  7. The Multi-Multi-Tasking Stock Trader

    Stock Trading To Go states that this curved wall of 24 monitors is for the serious stock trader. They can’t remember who owns this thing but that’s not important. The point is the 24 monitors themselves are enough to light up the room. But we think that if you need 24 monitors you must be trading the fast-paced FOREX, not stock.

  8. An Animator’s Home Workstation

    This really cool 5 monitor display system belongs to CGI Animator Stefan Didak. Apart from glowing keyboards and 7 gorgeous displays, Stefan has a fine taste for alcoholic beverages and loves globe trotting and food sampling. A well-rounded and cultured Geek Lord.

  9. A Serious Urge for TRON!

    This 12 monitor system is used mostly for playing GLTron and is powered by a cluster of 6 Shuttle PCs. Created by Pablo Veramend.

  10. The MiniME 15 Monitor System

    The MiniMe is known as the “Mobile INteractive Imaging Multidisplay Environment” and consists of fifteen 24″ panels. It has a total resolution of 30 Mega Pixels and is small enough to fit into a shipping case for Scripps Researchers – thus the name.

  11. Planetary Analysis on the BIG Screen…

    This magnificent 50 Mega Pixel display system consists of twelve 30″ Apple Cinema Displays driven by Apple G5s. It is used to visualize data from the USArray sensor network (NSF Funded Earthscope Project) and other regional and global sensor nets. It is currently located at the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics.

  12. 125″ Plasma Display, its 1mm thick!

    Talk about contrast: This 125″ display from Shinoda Plasma is lightweight and 0.04 inches thick! It is also flexible and can be used as a wrap-around screen and weighs only 7.93 pounds. A potential digital-wallpaper for homes of the future.

  13. Zenview Arena Ultra HD, The Tau of All Multi-Monitors

    Meet the Zenview Arena Ultra HD, an impressive high resolution multi-monitor display system available for purchase right now. It consists of a 30″ main display surrounded by smaller portrait and landscape oriented 21″ periphery screens. Perfect for that Minority Report feel. It’s available for a low-low web price of just $5,999.

  14. Notebook Multi-Monitors Made Easy

    If you’ve got a laptop as a primary computer This display solution by LG might help. It allows you to distribute video to multiple displays via USB – eliminating the need for complex video splitter boxes used in other multi-monitor setups.

  15. The Ultimate XBox 360 Racing Rig

    The VRX MACH 4 uses 3 Sharp Aquos 37″ displays to provide a true sense of speed by surrounding you with the driving environment. The system comes with 4 XBox 360s, a force feedback steering wheel, 7″ rear view display, Bose surround sound system with Woofer…expensive.

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  • http://www.ucro.org Verno

    How do I make my 360 multi-monitor. That would be sweet! I mean without using 4 xboxes?

  • http://john.hicklingonline.co.uk John

    Its hard to tell exactly from the photo, but is the Quake set-up only showing 15 FPS? if so then its not very practical if you actually want to play the game.

  • Nicebut

    Nice but number seven is only a four monitor setup =)

  • http://www.carstylingtips.com Waynne Smith

    Awesome find. I thought a 3 monitor setup was cutting edge! I just need to get a house with bigger walls. Bring in Speech recognition, motion sensing mouse and viola – the digital home! Decorating become easier – just download some new wallpapaper. Hmmm now where can I get 10 megapixel desktop wallpaper from?

  • http://www.crsinteractive.com chris

    i just wet myself :(

  • Darth Doody

    “How do I make my 360 multi-monitor. That would be sweet! I mean without using 4 xboxes?”

    You can’t. You have to have one Xbox per TV, and very few games support it.

  • Enith


    Looks like 215 FPS to me. Quake 3 is very CPU dependent, not a whole lot of GPU processing required.

  • http://www.multi-monitors.com Dave

    Those are some pretty awesome multi-monitor setups! How come you don’t have any SUPER PC arrays on here? I have an awesome 6 Screen Display with 22″ LCDs that I got at Multi-Monitors.com.

    It’s awesome for Gran Tourismo and Microsoft Flight Simulator X. However, I mainly use it for my websites and day trading, but there’s always time to have some fun.

    Anyone who isn’t using a Multi-Screen System is missing out on a lot of productivity. It will be nice to see these kinds of computer systems get more popular.

  • http://www.multi-monitors.com Multi-Monitor Head

    Wow! I love this page! However, I agree with Dave above. Where is SUPER PC?? Glad to see 9X made it on here.

  • http://www.alfredfox.com Freelance Web Design

    ENVY! Very cool Setups. I’m currently using a 22″ wide and two 17″s n either side. It works well, but compared to this stuff it’s child’s play.

  • RJ

    Ya, all mouth watering for sure…. where do we get #12 from?, it’s the most spectacular for every day dudes to expect to get, cause #2 is certainly shown as near perfect, but bought with a bottomless pit of money from the military…

  • RJ

    aaa,oopps, that’s #4 that’s the near perfect military model…….

  • http://www.dfiber.com Kor

    What about the Alienware Screen???? NEC / Alienware Curved DLP Screen aka Alienware curved gaming screen

  • Multiple Monitors

    I love this multi-monitor page! I only have a mere six monitors. It’s a SUPER-PC though, so I am very happy with it! Multi-Monitors.com baby!

  • Andrew

    i would only do this if all my monitors are seamless, im kinda picky like that

  • http://multiplemonitors.wordpress.com Dual Monitor

    This is a great post! Multiple Monitors are one of the coolest technologies ever and are starting to get very popular. Everyone should be using at least dual monitors these days.

  • BigBoss

    Let me add my setup to the list. http://thebigboss.org/temp/desk.jpg
    It's 6 samsung 23″ 2048×1152 for a total of 6912×1152 res. They're all mounted on their sides using velcro and nylon tie straps.

  • http://me.dm phil campbell

    epic list of screen setups. thanks for sharing that.

  • http://me.dm phil campbell

    epic list of screen setups. thanks for sharing that.