The NEC ShieldPRO Laptop is Built Like a Tank

The NEC ShieldProJust when you thought there are no more Tablet PCs bigger than 9″, NEC drops the bomb with the ShieldPRO laptop, which looks like it can withstand any kind of punishment. The model named FC-N22A, is offering something a little different in the rugged gadgets department. Its colorful casing gives off the impression of being “beautifully rugged”.

Not to worry, the brightly-colored exterior will still be resistant to dust and water (it is IP55-compliant). It even protects from being dropped on a concrete floor from up to 3′ high.

Now that’s something you wouldn’t do with your average notebook…

The specs include a 12.1” display, a low-power 1.0GHz Core 2 Duo processor, a claimed 12 hours of battery life, an optional built-in GPS, and Windows XP. The price has not been announced, but if you really want this, you have to fly to Japan.

[ Via I4U ]

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