25 Awe Inspiring Custom Computer Case Mods

If you’ve thought of it, chances are their is a computer case mod inspired by it. This year, the modders have really outdone themselves with even more drool-worthy designs!

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Hottest Gadgets presents the 2008 edition of our Crazy Computer Case Mods!

  1. EA FIFA Case, Goaaaalll!:
  2. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Chernobyl, Blown Apart:
  3. Projekt V2, Watercooled Case:

  4. NES Console PC, for the tightfisted:

  5. Porsche SLI Wheel, Ultra Mobile PC:

  6. Massive Heat Sink, to cool your uber CPUs & GPUs:
  7. Half Life 2, Transparent Case:
  8. C&C, Temple of NOD:
  9. Digg Style, CPU Case:
  10. Steampunk All-in-One, iMac look-alike:
  11. Battlefield 2142, Tripod Turret:
  12. Bat Man Begins, Home Theatre:
  13. Turbocharged PC:
  14. Project Phenom, Ready for lift-off:
  15. A hot, Toaster Case:
  16. Enter The Matrix:
  17. Steampunk Laptop, 19th Century Portable Computer:
  18. The WMD, good thing the lights are off =):
  19. SLI Powered MotorCycle, for those who don’t feel sexy enough:
  20. The Y2K Bug, Enter the Matrix:
  21. Rodent PC, for your furry LAN gaming buddy:
  22. Windows XP Box, DUH! I should have thought of that…:
  23. The LAN Truck:
  24. Gameboy PC, turn your gameboy into something useful:

  25. Tumbler, Bat Mobile PC:
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  • Eric

    Those are awesome but you should of included the Optimus Prime computer that was epic!!

  • Bob C.

    Don’t forget this killer DOOM 3 case mod:


  • Kurt


  • marcus

    were can u buy these?

  • http://www.cpusolutions.com CPU Solutions

    No doubt, those are some really nice mods. I still think that the Doom III mod Bob linked to is one of my favorite mods of all time though. Although not really a 2008 mod, but still fun to look at!

  • Megan

    i really want to buy the half life 2 one!!!

  • http://www.revolution-news.ru news

    just fantastic modding. I really like it.

  • http://www.coated.com cool gadgets

    This is a great list of case mods….Mike

  • http://www.benedictcomputers.com BenedictComputers.Com

    Great list of mods. Lots of fun.. hope to have some done soon too!

  • http://www.realfreebsdtips.com Real FreeBSD Tips

    Damn they are some crazy mods, putting a PC inside a wheel?

  • http://www.excelcustompc.com Dave532

    wow…incredible! I need to learn how to fab like that!

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